New Years Resolutions

I find that January can be a rather nondescript month, the Christmas decorations have been put away for another year, outside it is cold and grey and Spring seems a long way off. Resolutions of eat healthily, lose weight, join a gym are made and there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward too. Yep, January is December’s boring cousin.  I make resolutions every year and invariably break them within a fortnight but this doesn’t stop me making new ones…

1. Shake up my skin care routine

It hasn’t changed much since leaving college and could do with being more streamlined and  (dare I say it?) grown up. So I’m going to try this Gatineau Love Gatineau Try Me Collection. It contains ten trial size  products, so I can see what suits my skin before I decide what to buy full size. Genius!

2. Move more

Yes, yes, I know, people ALWAYS say this. But I really, really should so I’m going to try my hand at skipping. I just need a Body Sculpture Skipping Rope. I loved it as a kid and did it all the time, it can’t be that hard… right?

What’s more, Shock Absorber bras currently have £5.00 off and I’ll need it, what with all that, ahem, jumping up and down.

I also have a few January traditions that perk me up in the new year, give me something to focus on, after all Valentine’s Day is ages away and, it’s not ALWAYS something to look forward too.

The first tradition was started by my Mum. For as long as I can remember, my brother and I to woke up to a new toothbrush on 1st January (obviously we got others during the year but these where just sporadically handed to us from a shopping bag, which wasn’t nearly as exciting). I continued this when I left home, unwrapping and putting my new toothbrush in it’s pot before heading out to party on NYE. This year I decided to take the tradition up a gear and treated myself to this Braun Smart Guide Toothbrush 5000. Half price in the sale. New year, new shiny gnashers.

The second tradition is one I started when I got my first full time job. Each and every January I buy myself a new leather bag, a bag to see me through the year. The fashion mags inform me that the bowling bag is going to be a hot trend for 2012. They made an appearance on many of the Spring / Summer 2012 catwalks, so this French Connection Kite Stitch Tote Bag beauty is the one for me. It’s gorgeous in every detail.

How’s January working out for you? Are you sticking to your resolutions or have they already been broken? x

14th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren