The Right Shoes

It’s no secret that most women have a love affair with shoes. I believe that it starts as a child, when we’re forced to wear sensible shoes instead of the pretty shoes that we really want – the red suede ones with a ribbon bow or the magic shoes with a key in the sole (remember those?). But then comes that glorious day when you can forever more chose your own shoes. I’ll never forget my first pair of high heels, they were stilettos and they were (oh hell, I’m just going to come right out and say it) they were white. I was 14, it was 1989 and I LOVED those babies.

My love for pretty shoes is as strong today as it was then. Shoes can make or break an outfit and I have witnessed ‘the wrong shoes’ many times and I’m not talking about an animated cartoon. For example, at a Summer ball I saw a gorgeous young woman in a stunning black gown with a flamenco style skirt… wearing plain black court shoes. The very same black court shoes that I strongly suspect she wore to work the following Monday. Wrong!

I feel positively out of sorts if  my footwear isn’t right, it’s the equivalent of a bad hair day for my feet. The right shoes, something a little unexpected, can turn an everyday outfit into something quite special. Irregular Choice are an established brand loved by many. Who else would dangle charms from the heel or mix bows, polka dots, gingham and cherry pattern designs with such wonderful results?


Iron Fist is a brand I first became aware of last year. They have an edge, mixing skulls designs with hot pink suede or leopard print and florals. My favourite pair this year has to be the Iron Fist Lovelace Platform Wedges that sport a lace butterfly design… and a few skulls.

Hush Puppies have a new range called Poetic Licence that offer something a little different. If multi coloured snakeskin mixed with suede or wedges embellished raffia flowers are your thing then this range is for you.


Head Over Heels is a range from Dune that offers polka dots and block heels, zebra print sitlettos, golden embellishments and hangbags to match too! I just know I’m going to find a reason to buy the Head over Heels Bella Polka Platforms and the Head over Heels Beauh bag.

Imagine any of the shoes by any of the brands above teamed with a simple jeans and t-shirt combo. Now imagine the same outfit but with a pair of black court shoes… not quite the same, is it? x

28th January 2012
Written by Very_Lauren