Celeb Exclusive: What’s In Pixie Lott’s Handbag?

Have you ever wondered what a celebrity keeps in their handbag? I couldn’t resist asking this question to Pixie Lott when I met her during London Fashion Week. I was half worried she would think I was attempting to rob her and call security on me but thankfully she opened up when we told her it was part of a regular feature we plan to do for the Very Blog. We’ll have more posts about celebrities and their handbags coming up but for now, these are five things Pixie Lott considers essential to have in her handbag:


Pixie said: “You never know who you’ll see and I wanted to take photos of all the clothes during Fashion Week.”


Pixie said: “I can’t live without this. I’ve got a bit of Ed Sheeran on it, some Tinie Tempah. A real mix.”


Pixie said: “I was wearing it earlier and kind of broke it so it’s in my bag.”


Pixie said: “This is vital. I couldn’t leave the house without it.”


Pixie said: “I apply this regularly throughout the day.”

I was upset – but not entirely surprised – that there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary inside Pixie’s bag! I reckon it’s too new for that as it did look really clean and shiny and gorgeous. Just in case you’re a bit nosey (like me) Pixie’s bag’s below in all its glory. Just goes to show black must be the new black when it comes to bags this season!

Love Zoe x

25th February 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin