Curvy Kate’s Bra Fitting Tips

After years of feeling more than a little hard done by in the lingerie department, there is now a brand that supports all curvy girls who want to celebrate their best assets. Curvy Kate was created to rid the world of the boulder holder and offer gorgeous, pretty lingerie in D to K cup sizes.

The brand that launched three years ago has already built up a strong fan club reporting a 400% growth since the first year. Only ever using real women to model their collections, Curvy Kate’s commited to celebrating the curvy figure, with their shapely models flaunting natural F – H cup curves.  The brand has already built up a name for itself in the big boob world and has a growing facebook following and twitter pages.

Product Developer, Adriana Olszewska explained why this range has been uniquely created:  “Every girl wants to look good in lingerie whilst remaining comfortable and being supported. With bust sizes continuing to grow in the UK, many lingerie brands just don’t have the range of sizes to accommodate for the demand and women have to opt for the wrong cup and back sizes just to get something that fits.”  She continues, ‘Very few brands offer the fashion, the fit and the size range available from Curvy Kate and the response to the brand has been astounding. Retailers have reported back to us saying many customers have tried a Curvy Kate bra and were so impressed they left the shop wearing it!’

Below are some Bra Fitting Tips from Curvy Kate.

1. The Back Band Must Be Firm!

Always start with the back band on the loosest hook, you can tighten it with wear over the months but a new bra should always start on the last hook. It needs to sit firm to give our boobs some oomph, so if you can pull it out more than 2 inches it’s far too big!  If from the back the band creates an upturned ‘U’ you need to go down a back size. Check your side profile in a mirror with your arm up high. If the band is horizontal from back to front then you’ve got it right! It should be firm and fitted against your skin but still comfortable to move in.

2. Check Your Strap Tension

Tighten up your straps so that two fingers can fit underneath. Only 20% of the support should come from the straps. So make sure you’re not holding the weight of the world on your shoulders – the back band should be doing most of the work and if you’re left with red marks at the end of the day, you need more support from the back band. Give your shoulders a break!

3. Make Sure Your Boobs Are In Position

Next lean forward and give your boobs a jiggle, then scoop them in and up! Move your breast tissue away from the underwires so nothing is caught. You’ll be able to get a better idea of where things are going wrong this way.

4. The Wires Poke Out In The Middle

Your wires should lay flat against your chest bone. If you’re boobs are trying to escape from the sides or from the top and your underwires are pushing out, the sizing is wrong.

How The Right Bra Should Look:

  • Back band is horizontal all the way around
  • Underwires sit flat in the centre and encase your boobs
  • There is no spillage over the top of the cups
  • The straps don’t leave red marks and don’t dig in
  • Last but not least check that you look good and feel good!  Lift your arms in the air, check your figure out in the mirror and have a move around – does everything look as gorgeous as it should? Try a smooth T-shirt on to see the finished article – if you feel confident you’re good to go.

Love Danielle x

9th February 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Mary 2 April 2012

I would like to try a Curvy Kate bra but would have to order online and I’m not sure on size. My measurments are 27 and 35. I usually wear a 30DD but some brands I find a 30 band loose. I am petite any advice on how your brand runs.

Posted by: Sia 20 February 2012

I am still so surprised that people are not wearing the right size bra especially with all this wonderful information and free bra fittings you can get instore!

Posted by: How not to enter Star in a Bra… | Curvy Kate Blog 17 February 2012

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