EXCLUSIVE Bafta Interview: Marilyn Actress Michelle Williams

Very had one of the hottest tickets in London last night – the BAFTAs! The array of the best actresses in the world in divine dresses (and actors in well-cut suits) was dazzling but after we’d composed ourselves, we had a rather exclusive chat with actress Michelle Williams at an early stage of the night. The party went on until around 3am in the morning at The Grosvenor House hotel with a Grey Goose vodka ice sculpture and unlimited Taitinger Champagne, we hope the stars didn’t have any work planned the morning after. The breathtakingly attractive Michelle was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.  Have a look at this stunning full length photo – wow! – and read on below for an exclusive interview:

VERY: What did you like about the 1950s Monroe fashion?

MICHELLE: “I liked her kind of simplicity. She was so extraordinarily beautiful, but really quite unadorned. A simple tailored dress was all she needed”.

VERY: What did you like least?

MICHELLE: “My hair ended up in really bad condition as I had to dye it platinum every 3-5 days to stop the roots growing through. That’s kind of tough.”

VERY: How did you prepare for the role?

MICHELLE: “I had to gain a few pounds, so I wasn’t watching what I ate, put it that way. And I also had to study being sexy as that’s what Marilyn is all about – raw sex appeal.”

VERY: How can anyone go about studying ‘being sexy’?

MICHELLE: “It felt like being reborn. It felt like breaking my body and remaking it in her image, learning how she walked and talked and held her head. None of that existed in my physical memory, and I knew I needed as much time as possible to make it part of me.”

VERY: Did you enjoy being sexy?

MICHELLE: “I didn’t really have time to enjoy it but I do remember one moment of being all suited up as Marilyn and walking from my dressing room onto the soundstage practicing my wiggle. There were three or four men gathered around a truck, and I remember seeing that they were watching me come and feeling that they were watching me go—and for the very first time I glimpsed some idea of the pleasure I could take in that kind of attention; not their pleasure but my pleasure. And I thought, Oh, maybe Marilyn felt that when she walked down the beach.”

Michelle lost out in the Best Actress category to Meryl Streep, but she has a winning attitude to fashion. As she says, 1950s fashion is sexy because it’s simple. The lovely Holly Willoughby does that brilliantly and her Holly Willoughby Mesh Prom Dress is an ideal way to recreate a Marilyn look. If you’d like a more casual chic look then check out the Guess Corset Top and if you have a party coming up take a look at the Paprika Bow Chiffon Babydoll Dress – cute, flirty and so 1950s!

Love Zoe x

13th February 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin