Exclusive Dancing On Ice Gossip: Week 7

It was the most dramatic week of Dancing On Ice as the contestants took part in Ultimate Skills Week and the most tense skate-off of any series so far. There was no chance of any of the celebrities hiding behind their professional skater partner as the bottom three – Heidi Range, Sebastian Foucan and Chemmy Alcott- performed a one minute routine alone. Well done to Chemmy Alcott for impressing head judge Robin Cousins to stay in the competition. But what does this mean for the dynamic of the show going forward? Very has inside sources on the set of the hit ITV show to get the Behind The Scenes gossip:

OUT: Heidi Range and Sebastian Foucan

It was a shock exit for both Sebastian and Heidi, but they dealt with the blow in different ways. Backstage in the bar after the show, grateful Sebastian said he couldn’t believe he lasted this long in the competition. Bless! However, Heidi was more emotional and said she’d find it a struggle to adjust to life without rehersals next week. Does this mean we can expect to see her on the live Dancing On Ice tour later this year? We’re almost certain of it! The sequin costumes really suit her.

IN: Jennifer Ellison

It’s been an even more painful week for poor Jennifer Ellison as she suffered yet another serious injury during training. Last week the ex-Brookside actress cut open her head on her own skate on the live show then just four days later in training she cut open a chunk of her leg. Keeping comfy in her UGG boots and tracksuit bottoms before the show, the accident prone star told us: “I’ve cried quite a lot this week and my confidence has hit an all-time low on the ice.  It was a painful deep cut where my skate blade had gouged into my leg. It was bad enough to need stitches but it’s not going to stop me from skating. I’m getting straight back out on the ice for more training. Everyone will think I’m crazy but I’m not going to let a few cuts and scrapes get in my way.” What a survivor!

IN: Chico Slimani

With injury plaguing the other stars it was Chico’s turn to shine on the ice and he received the most compliments ever. On the show, judge Louis Spence told him it was possible for him to win the show, which caused some good-natured teasing in the bar at the end of the show. And it also caused his odds to shorten at the bookies. If you want to bet, then be warned that Jorgie Porter and Chico are now favourites for the win at the end of the series.

REMAINING CONTESTANTS: We’re excited to see what will happen as the competition heats up between Coronation Street star Andy Whyment,  TV presenter Sam Nixon, singer Chico and Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden, Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter, actress Jennifer Ellison and British skier Chemmy Alcott. Only seven remain! Tune in again next Sunday on ITV1 for more thrills and hopefully less spills…

Love Zoex

20th February 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin