Fashionable and Fun Apps!

If you have a slick new smartphone like the HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio or the Nokia Lumia 800, you know that downloading apps is one of the best ways to make the most out of your phone.  From downloading and streaming music on apps like Spotify, to keeping up with your Facebook and Twitter friends on Tweetdeck, apps can help organise your life, as well as keeping you entertained!

If you’re looking to download a few new spectacular apps to your smartphone, here are a few of my favourites!

Closet Swap

If you’re in need of a few new items for your wardrobe but don’t have a lot of cash, Closet Swap is the perfect app for you! Channel 4’s Closet Swap allows you share and swap clothes with your friends on Facebook!  The app allows you to upload pictures, tag existing Facebook photos, and build an online closet that they can share and share without needing to spend a penny. Even better,  if you’re in need of a particular item – whether it’s coloured jeans or colourful spring prints, you can send out a Fashion SOS, and hopefully, your Facebook pals can come to your rescue!

Available in the iTunes App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0


If you’re a fitness and gym bunny, you will love this app! RunKeeper allows you to keep track of your runs – your time, your pace, etc – but also follows your run via GPS and can track your route, including elevation! But even if you’re going for a run outside, it can still track your activity whether your’e on a treadmill, or snowboarding down the Alps. From the amount of calories you burned, to keeping you up to date with how your friends have done with their training this week, RunKeeper is a must have for anyone who loves to monitor their fitness progress!

Available in the Android Market, Windows Marketplace and iTunes App Store.


If you love taking photos of what you’re wearing (as well as seeing what everyone else is wearing!) you’ll love the WIWT app – otherwise known as What I Wore Today. Let people know what you’re wearing (as well as where you are and what mood you’re in) and get some style inspiration from the WIWT community! Strike a pose!

Available in the iTunes App Store

Clouds and Sheep

I don’t know about you, but I love silly games to play on my phone while I’m on the train, or just killing some time! Clouds and Sheep is my favourite game to play at the moment. Basically, all you do is look after a family of sheep, giving them water and coffee when they need it, feeding them apples, and helping them grow grass. It’s silly but super cute and the sheep all make the sweetest noises. Just be careful because it’s super easy to lose hours of your day looking after your sheep! Enjoy!

Available in the Android Market

Love Cate x

21st February 2012
Written by Very_Lauren