Valentines Day For Single Girls

For some Valentine’s Day isn’t all about chocolates and roses. Valentine’s Day for the single girl can be horrible. No matter how much she tell’s herself (and everybody else) that she’s not bothered she still secretly hopes that a bright red envelope (or seven) will fall onto her doormat, or that just one of the bunches of roses delivered at work will be destined for her desk.

But if not, how does the single girl survive the ‘most romantic day of the year’?


Order your own roses (you deserve a treat), indulge in champagne and chocolates (at least you won’t have to share them), sit around in your PJs and your sexiest killer heels (yes, I’ve been known to do this and I can’t tell you how much this lifts your spirits) and have a night in and drool over the Limitless DVD (Bradley Cooper – what’s not to like?) or pamper yourself – face mask, long bubble bath, mani/pedi (the OPI Nicki Minaj Collection has four awesome colours to choose from)… And when all’s said and done, go to bed knowing that you can stretch out and keep all the covers to yourself!

Take comfort in the fact that your coupled up mates have probably gone out to crowded restaurants, for an over-priced meal, listened to their other half moan about the price of a bottle of bubbly and spent the evening in either a) uncomfortable undies, b) shoes that pinch, or c) both… what a palaver!

Love Hazel x

10th February 2012
Written by Very_Lauren