Very Blogger Event

I was invited along to our London Showroom to host a bloggers event.  Having been to countless bloggers events, I had never hosted before, this was an exciting challenge.  A bunch of the UK’s top fashion bloggers hot footed it down to enjoy a day of manicures, canapes, pick and mix and more importantly the spring/summer 2012 collection.  It was great to see how enthusiastic the bloggers were about this seasons pieces and as a little task, some bloggers were interviewed by me.

It was great to meet some familiar faces again and also some new ones I enjoyed getting to know. The whole event was a success and each blogger walked away with a couple of items of their choice. Being my usual nosey self, I quizzed the bloggers on what items they had picked and two of the most popular items were the Love Label Buzzard Tab Flat Shoes and Love Label 2 in 1 Dress. If the fashion bloggers are wearing it, you know you need to snap one up for yourself too!

Love Suzi x

12th February 2012
Written by Very_Rachel