A Day in the Life of…V-Team Cate!

The fantastic thing about my job and my life is that I never really know what each day is going to look or be like, never mind next week or the next month! This makes it difficult to make any big long term plans (“Are you free next month on the 24th?” “Um, let me check my diary. Is it OK if I say yes and then cancel last minute? No?”)  but it does make things very exciting!

The stable parts of my week are the filming days I do for my show the Pop Hive, the work I do with the V-Team, and the posts I edit for my online magazine, BitchBuzz.com. A typical day for me will go something like this…

6:00am – My alarm goes off. On filming days we’ll film in the morning, so I have to be up early to give myself enough time in hair and make-up. Nothing is worse than having to rush through making my hair right, so I try to give myself plenty of time. Wearing false eyelashes before 7am is pretty funny, my eyes can barely stay open as it is and with the extra weight on them it’s even harder! Thank goodness for coffee. I’m not really a morning person. *yawns*

7:45am – We finish filming before 8am to give us plenty of time throughout the day to take care of the other work that needs to be done, but also to go through as much of the editing process as we can in 24 hours. There’s something very satisfying about being done with filming for the day before most people even leave the house for work! Now I grab my things and re-do my make-up (not good for my skin to be wearing film make-up all day!) and head out the door to catch the train into London so that I’m not late for my breakfast meeting.

9:50am – I was never a fan of morning meetings, but now I see how useful they are. Today I’m at The Wolseley having breakfast with a fabulous author who is telling a group of journalists all about her new novel. There are glorious pancakes on the menu – they’re covered in fresh blueberries and they give me a side of warm maple syrup so I am a happy bunny! I have a bit of time in between my next event on my diary, so I decide to walk rather than grabbing the Tube.

11:45am – As I’m freelance, I don’t have a permanent office. I bounce between a couple of different co-working space in Covent Garden, where I’ll meet my production assistant for the Pop Hive, Helen, to work. Helen and I will stay here for the majority of the afternoon, emailing PR companies, and handling inquiries about the show. During this time I’m also blogging for Very.co.uk, and editing pieces for the online magazine I founded back in 2008, BitchBuzz.com. I try to keep up with Twitter and Facebook as much as I can, (you can follow me as @CateSevilla) and things can get pretty hectic when you’re doing so many different things at once. Add a few phonecalls into the mix and I can usually end up feeling a bit frazzled and stressed.

4:30pm – Time for a break! Helen and I grabbed lunch (just a sarnie from Pret and ate it where were were working!) but I’m craving a carrot cake cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery, so I nip down to Soho for some fresh air, a cup of a tea, and my favourite cake from my favourite bakery in London. Definitely hits the spot!

8:00pm – My husband works not far from where I work in London, so we meet-up after work and walk to the train station together. By the time we make it home (we live in Surrey), grab something to eat and sit back down in our home office, it’s about 8pm. My husband is the producer for my show, so we spend the next few hours working and listening to music on Spotify if we don’t have a lot of audio to edit.

11:30pm – Finally, it’s time for bed! I’m learning a LOT about editing video, so I can help out now and have a laptop on my desk that I strictly use for editing. We’ve spent so many nights recently like this, but we’re getting into a routine and it’s getting much easier the more I learn!

So there you have it! A day in the life of Cate!


7th March 2012
Written by Very_Lauren