A big CONGRATULATIONS to Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden for winning the grand final of Dancing on Ice Series 7! The humble star was visibly shaking as he collected the trophy from hosts Christine Bleakley and Phillip Schofield and told them: ”This will take a few days to sink in.” It was yet another dramatic night as Chico dropped his partner on the ice and Jorgie Porter got so emotional we could hardly hear her interviews. We’re sorry to see Dancing On Ice go, but we do have one final bit of Behind The Scenes gossip for you:

Third Place: Chico Slimani

It was a tough week for Chico in the lead up to the final as he clashed with the show mentors Torvil and Dean over his dance routine and then suffered a back injury so he couldn’t do it properly. This may explain why he ended up dropping his partner. The singer exclusively revealed: “I got a phone call and they said, ‘Chris and Jayne want you to do Sexy And I Know It for the tour and could you do it for the final?’ I thought, ‘Here we go… people are going to say he can’t skate, he’s getting his body out for the vote,’ and I’ve had a real problem with it. I have a back problem that I’ve got from the show and in all the weeks it had to come back – it’s this week. I can’t do one lift, I’ve had to change it because of my wrist – it’s the seat lift where your hand is right up her bum. I managed to get her so far up but they wanted it travelling and turning and my wrist can’t handle it so we had to change it.” But we’re impressed Chico managed to get to the final – he’s shown he can work hard at acquiring a skill. We expect to hear a lot more from him. We’d love to see him in a West-End show and if he got his top off again we wouldn’t complain!

Second Place: Jorgie Porter

Very can reveal that the Hollyoaks actress is still a record breaker, even if she didn’t win the show as Jorgie’s made Dancing On Ice history for being the only person ever to attempt a complicated lift and throw. Yes, throw! Jorgie was thrown into the air by three male partners who then spun around before catching her. She survived but confessed to us, it was touch and go, saying: ‘’They’ve been practicing with a carpet because it’s so dangerous, and it’s been collapsing on the ice. I’m like: ‘That’s me, what you doing? I was scared so I made Jayne do it first as well. She was really up for it. And she wanted to do the other parts too but the physio wouldn’t let her. It’s that dangerous!” Jorgie’s now taking part in the Dancing On Ice tour so she’ll be putting the show-stopping dresses back on, practicing that move and maybe adding in some more. We don’t envy her!

Winner: Matthew Wolfenden

After picking up the award on TV, we can exclusively reveal the first thing the Emmerdale actor did was find his fiancée in the audience – awwww. His loyal fiancée Charley Webb is at the show every week, and Matt exclusively told us: “I see her go white before we go on the ice. They go through more turmoil than us. I have to dedicate my award to my family who came down every week to see me. I always look out for Charley, then my mum and dad, when I get on the ice.” The judges singled out Matt for his bolero routine, which they said was the most difficult bolero they’ve ever had in seven series of Dancing On Ice. Well done Matt!

Will you miss Dancing on Ice? Don’t worry as there’s plenty more reality TV next weekend with The Voice on BBC One and Britain’s Got Talent on ITV. We’ll try and get even more behind the scenes gossip for you!

Love Zoe x

27th March 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin