It’s almost the end of Dancing On Ice – sob! – but this does mean the episodes get more and more dramatic. This week was the most scary ever and the producers of the skating show even lined up extra medics to be stationed at the side of the rink in case any of the dangerous moves went wrong on the night. What they could really have done with was extra tissues as Jennifer Ellison left the competition in floods of tears.  We’re now down to three. Here’s the exclusive gossip from behind the scenes:

OUT: Jennifer Ellison

The former Brookside babe messed up her routine but said she did the best she could- we couldn’t ask for more than that! It’s sad to see her go as her show outfits have been fabulous, but it will mean she can now spend more time with her husband, which she’s really looking forward to because they want to start feathering their nest. The couple have one child, Bobby, already and Jen said she’d like three more.  Wonder if they’ll call any Torvill or Dean in tribute?

IN: Chico Slimani

Modest Chico is telling everyone he never expected to make it to the final in his wildest dreams and exclusively admitted to us that he only signed up to pay the mortgage. The smooth singer revealed: “It was a tough year. Normally I have a lot of work that comes in. For whatever reason it didn’t, and we didn’t have a back-up plan. I didn’t know where my next mortgage payment was coming from. But I am a great believer that God will always provide so I went upstairs, connected my heart to my spiritual master, did a little prayer. Ten minutes later I got a phone call from Dancing on Ice and they asked: ‘Can you come and see us?’”

IN: Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew is on track to win Dancing On Ice but Very can reveal that it’s not having the best effect on his relationship. While other stars are proud of how the skating has improved their life, poor Matt’s not had much time at all to see his girlfriend – Emmerdale co-star Charley Webb. He exclusively confessed: “I’ve not done anything else apart from this. Literally, when I’ve not been training up North I’ve been down here. Charley’s been down here watching then she drives up for work. We’ve been passing like two ships in the night. It’s been really tough, it’s harder than I ever thought it would be.” Well, maybe holding the winner’s trophy will make up for it, eh Matt? One thing Very also noticed about Matt is he has started to wear black nail varnish! Check out the photo above of him above carefully and you’ll see for yourself!

IN: Jorgie Porter

When Very asked how she was feeling about getting through to the final, the Hollyoaks bombshell revealed: “I’m doing this for the girls.” We hope she wins!

The final of Dancing on Ice 2012 is next Sunday on ITV. It’s a tv-tastic weekend as Jessie J’s new show The Voice starts on BBC One on Saturday night along with Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday on ITV. Stay tuned and we’ll have even more behind the scenes gossip for you.

Zoe x

19th March 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin