Exclusive Dancing On Ice Gossip: Week 9

Six contestants started the Team Challenges week of Dancing on Ice and now only five are left as Coronation St actor Andy Whyment was voted off in one of the most tense weeks ever. We were on the edge of our seats…and so were the contestants!

The celebrities and their partners were split up into two rival sides. And that meant the stars that had previously been close friends, bonding over canteen food and drinking in the bar, were cheering for different people. It was also tough on Jorgie Porter and Matthew Wolfenden who were forced to choose who they wanted on their side. With a line-up of celebrities praying they wouldn’t be the last to be chosen, it was like being back at school.  Jorgie picked the girls Chemmy and Jennifer and they won, which meant their scores were doubled and they rightly looked chuffed to bits about it. This had an effect on Andy who was in the boys team and that’s partly why he’s now out of the show. Drama! Here’s the gossip from behind the scenes:

OUT: Andy Whyment

The modest Corrie actor half predicted he would be out of the show before he even got onto the ice, suffering a crisis of confidence in rehearsals. The soap star kept comparing himself to the rest of the skaters, claiming he didn’t deserve to be in the show and had to be constantly reassured by mentors Torvil and Dean and host Christine Bleakley, who told him to keep his chin up. However, once the results were announced Andy cheered up, saying he was looking forward to returning to Corrie. It was probably one of the least emotional exits ever!

IN: Jennifer Ellison

The compete opposite of calm Andy, poor Jennifer Ellison had yet another emotional week. We all saw her get upset on the live skating show after the judges awarded her a high score and that was just the tip of the iceberg. The star’s finding it hard to juggle motherhood, learning new routines, looking glamorous and considering offers for what to do after the show. She’s had approaches from theatre shows and TV shows and it’s all become a bit overwhelming. Focus on your skating first, Jen, and everything will fall into place!

IN: Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew got the highest score of the series this week, scoring 29 out of a possible 40. This is a series record. And he looked gorgeous in a silver sequin mesh vest, showing off his biceps. Hot! However, behind the scenes poor Matthew is really nervous as there’s pressure on him to try the headbanger move, where he’ll have to spin his professional skater partner by the ankles. Only one celebrity has achieved this since the show started in 2006. That was Sam Attwater last year. We wouldn’t like to be in Matt’s position right now.

HOST NEWS:  Christine Bleakley

The glamorous TV presenter, who looked stunning in a red dress this week, is really growing on us and she’s been a constant support to the contestants behind the scenes, telling them not to stress if they mess up. If a contestant gets emotional, Christine will joke that it could be worse and makes jokes until they stop taking it too seriously. She seems a lot more positive than she did on Daybreak, where people accused her of being wooden. Frank Lampard’s been visiting her on set, sometimes with his two children, and the couple are planning a late summer wedding. Everything seems to be going right for Christine at last…

REMAINING CONTESTANTS: Singer Chico, Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden, Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter, actress Jennifer Ellison and British skier Chemmy Alcott will all skate next Sunday in props week, adding in unusual items to their routines. As a special treat, X Factor runner-up Marcus Collins will be performing. Can’t wait!

Zoe x

5th March 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin