EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Winslet At Titanic 3-D Premiere

It’s been 15 years since the legendary movie Titanic starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio was first released but now we all have a fresh reason to watch it. Yay! Director James Cameron has re-worked scenes into a 3-D format and Very was lucky enough to attend the gala premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall. After watching it, we were so impressed that we could barely talk. Imagine feeling transported back in history and being one of the passengers on the magnificent vessel? This film can take you to that place. It’s magical!

However, given that Kate Winslet was within talking distance, we had to compose ourselves to ask her a few exclusive questions about what she’s up to now and find out how she always manages to look so fabulous. For the premiere, she looked like a goddess in a black maxi dress. Sadly her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio missed the event, but here’s a mini interview with the wonderful Ms Winslet:

VERY: Let’s start at the top. What’s the biggest thing you’re working on now?

KATE: “I’ve just compiled a book. It’s called The Golden Hat: Talking Back To Autism. I became involved with it when I was asked to provide the English-language narration for an Icelandic documentary about a woman called Maragret and her non-verbal autistic son Keli and her journey to ‘unlock’ her son. My daughter watched it with me and grabbed my hand and said to me, “Mummy can you imagine if I couldn’t tell you that I love you?” And I thought “No, I can’t imagine that.” I stayed in touch with Maragret and one day I just had this idea to give a bunch of famous people a hat, and ask them what they would say if they couldn’t speak but had this hat that would let them, to bridge the gap between the world of the very verbal and the non-verbal. It’s out at Amazon now.”

VERY: Tell us about your fashion – what are your top tips?

KATE: “Don’t copy anyone else. Try something on and if you feel comfortable in it then it’s a good sign you look good in it.”

VERY: Do you have any beauty secrets for us?

KATE: “I always take my makeup off before bed, always. Even if I’m completely exhausted. And I do make the effort to put on a little makeup in the mornings.”

VERY: Have you recovered from the fire on Necker Island last summer?

KATE: “Thank goodness nobody was hurt so we’re fine. I have a lot of footage on my iPad actually which no else has because I managed to grab my handbag – and granny and the children… but I neglected to put on my bra, and spent the rest of the holiday completely braless. It was not good. At all. Girls you know what I’m talking about.”

Titanic 3-D will be at cinemas around the country from 4 April and it’s a must-see. Kate looks a lot younger in it but she’s still gorgeous and the film features Leonardo Di Caprio in his prime. Enjoy!

Love Zoe x


31st March 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

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