EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: XFactor’s Alexandra Burke Chats Music

Looking a little bit loved-up right now because of a romance with footballer Jermain Defoe, Alexandra Burke put on one of her best performances ever at GAY over the weekend. The X Factor winner has shed her cheesey Hallejuah! image and there’s no holding her back…although the hot muscly men she picked as backing dancers did a good job of lifting her into the air in some painful-looking dance movements. Jermain needs to watch his back!

But back to the music, we have to say Ms Burke’s performance of her new single Elephant was impressive. Simon Cowell would have said something like; “you owned that stage”. So where does Alex get her inspiration from? Very got the lowdown:

Q: “Where did you get inspiration for the name of your single, Elephant?”

ALEX: “I was dating someone and it just wasn’t going according to plan, so clearly nobody wanted to talk about it so there was an elephant in the room. I had never heard that saying before, until I’d done my writing camp for the album, and it’s a very American saying so I thought why not be the first person to bring it over here and make it into a song. It’s my second album now so I’m experimenting.”

Q: Do you get inspiration or feedback from anyone else on the X Factor?

ALEX: “I talk to the JLS boys all the time and I love One Direction, I’m so proud of them. As far as I know the boys are enjoying every minute, and good for them. They’re huge at the moment. Absolutely huge “I speak to Niall every single day, he’s such a sweet boy. He said to me the other day, ‘It’s all happening so fast… my life is just going before my eyes’.

“I keep telling him to relax and enjoy it. It’s really sweet to see someone so humble going through so much and being so appreciative.”

Q: Who is your female inspiration –what other ladies in the industry do you look up to?

ALEX: Beyonce, Madonna and recently, Myleene Klass. I saw pictures of Myleene Klass in Barbados over Christmas and I was like: “Oh my God! How is she looking that good?” So I started doing loads of classes at the gym.”

Alexandra’s single Elephant came out on 11 March and the album Domination is set to follow in early Summer.

Love Zoe x

12th March 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin