Fun and Fantastic Sale Picks

My view has always been that technology and appliances should help make your life easier, so I am always thrilled to find bits and bobs that can make my life run smoothly – or at least make it more fun! have a fantastic Home and Electrical Price Crash going on at the moment, and there a few items I can’t wait to get my hands on!

This past weekend I went on a dessert masterclass with my best friend, and it was an absolute blast. We learned how to make profiteroles from scratch, and I have to say, they turned out really, really well. So well, in fact, that I may have eaten more than my fair share! I’ve not done much baking after the bake-a-thon on I went on during Christmas, but after doing this class I’d love to start doing more baking and dessert making! I’ve had my eye on this fantastic Sensiohome Sweet Treats Whoopie Pie Maker for a while, and as it’s on sale, I may just have to make it mine and give it a home in my kitchen!

I’ve not seen many of the Oscar nominated and Oscar-winning films this year, and all of my friends keep going on about Bridesmaids. Apparently it’s mean to be incredibly funny, so I think this weekend I may finally get around to watching the Bridesmaids DVD!

I’m going back home to California for a few weeks in March, and I’m already preparing myself for the 10 hour flight from London to San Francisco. A good set of headphones is always a must, so I can listen to my music and watch the in-flight entertainment. (Plus, the headphones they give you on the plane are always so uncomfortable!) These GEAR 4 DJ Over Ear Headphones GP04 have both quality sound and look super comfortable!

While films and music do keep me entertained on the plane, I always quite like using the time above ground to play a few games! The Nintendo 3DS Console in Aqua Blue with The Sims 3, Lego Star Wars 3 and Madcatz Wallet is perfect for playing games on the plane as it’s so small, but also the games like The Sims and Lego Star Wars 3 will keep me busy for hours!

Love Cate x

2nd March 2012
Written by Very_Lauren