Should You Buy a Tablet or PS Vita?

Sometimes technology companies come out with new products, and it can be very hard to distinguish why. Surely some of these new fangled gadgets are a bit frivolous? (Who needs a 10 inch version of a new tablet when the 7.2 inch tablet was just fine?)

Take for example the new Playstation Vita.

The PS Vita is a new handheld games console that has a both a front and back camera, it has WiFi (and 3G) capabilities, it has a touchscreen and a rear touchpad, plus a dual analog stick, physical Playstation gaming buttons, never mind its 5 inch OLED screen! (Pretty swish, eh?) Think of it as the younger, sexier version of the PSP, that’s positioning itself as being a tablet replacement for those who like to play video games on the go.

Sure it’s shiny and new, and technology blogs seemed quite excited about its launch – but does the industry need another handheld gaming device? The Nintendo DS is brilliant and these days, if you fancy playing a game to pass the time, surely you just play it on your iPad, tablet PC or smartphone?

If you’re a big fan of video games, you know that playing games that you would normally play on your Xbox or Wii doesn’t really translate to the mobile versions. There’s something about the way the controller feels in your hand that changes the way you play – rather than just ticking buttons on a flat, shiny touchscreen. Sure you can play Angry Birds on your phone, but what about something like Tomb Raider? Not so much.

If you’re trying to decide between buying a tablet or a games console that is similar to a tablet to play games on is to decide what matters most to you. Is that to predominantly browse the web on a device that can do practically everything a laptop can do, or to mainly play video games  and also being able to get online to update things like your Facebook account or even watch a film?  The PS Vita allows you to go online via it’s many apps – such as Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Google Maps, and Flickr.

Basically, if you’d like to use your device as a laptop, and just play games in between tube stops or maybe on a plane journey, a tablet computer is your best bet. If you’re looking to some serious gaming, and be able to check your social feeds in between games, the PS Vita would be a perfect match for you.

Be sure to give me a shout if you have any questions!

Love Cate x

20th March 2012
Written by Very_Lauren