What To Do When Noel Gallagher Is Just 3 Feet Away

For the first time in my life…I won something! I. Won. Something.

A substantial win at that! Epic in fact.

Yes me, mere mortal, Katie from Kirkby won 2 tickets to an invite only, acoustic set by non-other than the immortal Noel Gallagher #OMG

As a bit of a fanatic Oasis follower, I’ve seen/heard Noel (and Liam!) wreak rock and roll havoc at stadiums and arenas galore. They’ve been loud, they’ve been leery, they’ve belted out the classics and sat back and watched as adoring audiences in their thousands (and thousands and thousands!) have sung them right back!

There’s been lyrical genius, psychedelic video effects, lager throwing louts and swagger on tap – all the things that made Oasis, well… Oasis.

So  – to win tickets to see Noel, without Oasis, without the High Flying Birds, without the crowds and the volume and the production. Just one man (read god) on his todd, in some dodge (read intimate) pub in the back end of an estate in Glasgow, were grannies pulled the pints, dished out the banter and would defo give you a run for your money if thought you were hard enough! It was gritty and gorgeous!

Noel was the perfect host, low key but laugh a minute, shoulders slumped but self assured, quiet but quick witted! It was 45 mins of acoustic heaven, stripped back, subtle and yet somehow still…supersonic! Supersonic as fate would have it made the set list, along with what will become an all time fave of mine D’ya Wanna Be a Spaceman – Noel playing it for the first time in what he reckons was 15 years. To be there, to hear that… #UNREAL

We got 9 songs and in-between song banter that had us in fits (not sure you can say Loling when you’re writing about Noel!) He was on form, gutted he’d had his Brit swiped by ‘Prince Harry’ aka Ed Sheeran. Haven’t the royals got enough? Have we forgotten about the plight of the working class? Does the queen really need another statue? And out of all the venues he could have picked in Glasgow…he’d picked that one! Defo a rip off…”didn’t look like this on the website” he reckoned!

Good times, great memories, unbelievable sounds, laugh out loud moments and lyrical magic – it’s a no brainer he nabbed the NME Godlike Genius Award, and I got a slice of the action, me and 150 other people!

What a Life x

2nd March 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: D 4 March 2012

Sounds amazing.