A Scary Night At Alton Towers With Essex Star Sam Faiers

Hands up who likes a scary rollercoaster? The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Faiers does but we found out she has a loud pair of lungs! The blonde reality tv diva went on the new Alton Towers ride Nemesis Sub-Terra with Kirk Norcross (her former fling) at the weekend and we reckon he’s probably lost his hearing if she was shouting down his ears at full capacity.  We caught up with the couple at a celebrity party at Alton Towers to mark the opening of the theme park’s terrifying new attraction and have to say it wasn’t just Sam that was screaming. Other faces from The Only Way Is Essex, Hollyoaks, Kerry Katona and Imogen Thomas yelled their heads off on the thrilling ride, which is so frightening it’s got a rating of 12A. Children are not allowed on it unless accompanied by an adult!

The Gossip:

Having an opportunity to bond over an adrenalin rush meant the stars opened up more. With The Only Way Is Essex on a break before filming of series 4 in mid-April, Sam Faiers was due a rest but she let her guard down with Very. She talked about really private things like her love life and how she’s been furnishing her new house. She’s moved into a three bedroom house of her own in Essex and the first thing she did was paint the kitchen pink! She said her bedroom is like a boudoir with cream and beige furnishing. And she revealed the biggest  and most expensive thing she’s purchased was a mink-coloured sofa. Decadent! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see why it was so expensive when the series eventually airs at the end of April.

In the meantime, we can all look for her top tips at Very.co.uk – pink kitchenware like a Kenwood boutique kettle in Magenta or a bright Kenwood boutique coffee maker, girly cream bedding and linen like the By Caprice Gabriella Throw and a new sofa for the living room. Fabulous!

The Ride:

The eerie attraction looks like a military bunker in the corner of the theme park. You stand on black dots on the floor as a lift descends, then walk into another room to get strapped into seats. The lights go dark, nobody is sure what’s happening and then you descend downwards at the speed of light. But what makes it super nerve-wracking is that the lights don’t go on at the end of the ride. For a while, there is silence and then actors rush in and urge you out, chasing you from the building. Freaky!

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1st April 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

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Posted by: Hayley Fawkes 4 January 2013

Do you know where sam faiers sofa is from please?