Tech for the Perfect BBQ

It may not exactly be warm in the UK this week, but that shouldn’t stop us for planning for a lovely weekend in the garden!

Summer is (allegedly) on its way, and as warm, sunny weather is so unpredictable, it’s best to have your bits and bobs for a BBQ or picnic at the ready so that you can pounce on the fabulous opportunity for some outside entertaining! Here are a few techy items that you’ll need to make your BBQ or picnic picture perfect…

Apple iPad 2 64GB – WiFi (White)

Why would you need an iPad at a BBQ? My question is why wouldn’t you?! Perfect for controlling the music via your Spotify account, writing down what everyone wants in their burgers, doodling a lovely drawing of the event, or even playing a round of Draw Something with your friends – having a big of technology at a party is the way forward.

Solar Powered Star Lights (50 Lights)

I love being in the garden at sun down and having gorgeous, twinkling fairy lights around the garden. These would look perfect on the inside of a gazebo, parasol, or draped around a rose bush!

Grand Charcoal BBQ Grill

I believe in having a proper charcoal BBQ, however, this one is fantastic as it lets you adjust the heat of the charcoals so you don’t under or overcook anything. This BBQ is big enough to cook a good size meal, but it still portable and easy to wheel out to where you need it.

Nikon S9300 Digital Camera – Blue

One of the best parts about having a BBQ for friends and family is being able to take pictures of everyone having a good time, and adding them to Facebook the next morning! This gorgoeus, blue digital camera has an 18x opitcal zoom lens and has a slim, compact body so it will fit perfectly into your picnic basket or handbag!

View Quest Retro DAB Radio RETRO1

With a leather surround and handle, this retro looking DAB radio is perfect for listening to BBC 6 Music at your BBQ, or docking your iPhone to listen to your own MP3s. No BBQ is complete without music, is it?

Love Cate x

28th April 2012
Written by Very_Lauren