The Voice Episode 4: Extra News About The Final Few

The blind auditions stage of The Voice are now over but they finished on a nail-biting note for everyone involved as the judges had to fill up the  precious last spaces in their teams. Tension! The standards were insanely high as we all saw Will.Iam, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donghue agonise how to complete their teams, and then cringe when they realised they had missed out on someone even better.

However, in the end they all picked at least one memorable contestant. Before the battle rounds begin next week, Very found out more info about the best new addition to each celebrity team.

Lindsey Butler

The 41 year old mum of two sounds like she should be singing country and western ballads in a roadside bar in Southwest America but instead she is now under the care of Tom Jones, who is lucky to have her. Most of Tom’s other artists are singers with deep voices and soulful ballads and Very can reveal Tom is over the moon at having a woman with a country style voice. Backstage we hear he’s talking about how he wants to make Lindsey the next Dolly Parton and teasing Danny by bringing up Linsey’s comment that she believes Tom is cuter than Danny. It sounds like Lindsey and Tom are going to create something entertaining together!

Indie And Pixie

When Little Mix won the X Factor it showed that UK audiences like girl bands and so Jessie J chose well by securing this fabulous double act after all four judges turned round and bid for them. Very can exclusively reveal that not only do the girls look unique – especially Indie’s leggings – they even have a secret language. They perform together, live together and spend most of their time together which has led to them to develop hand signals to communicate. If you liked the look of them, check out leggings like the 55DSL printed leggings at Very. As they’re making a statement with their legs, both girls kept it simple with plain vest tops. HINT: Pixie’s the blonde one and Indie is the brunette.

Jaz Ellington

Schoolteacher and dad-to-be Jaz was the last to be picked by Will.I.Am and there was a dramatic moment as the waistcoat and checked tie wearing singer was competing with another well-dressed prospective father, Daniel Walker. However, it was Jaz who managed to bring tears to Will.I.Am’s eyes by singing Ordinary People, which Will co-wrote with John Legend. Very can exclusively reveal that Jaz went through a lot to make it to the show after being hospitalised with an asthma attack just three days before his audition. Drama!

John James Newman

As in every other week, there is a contestant with a previous link to celebrity and we all learned that John James Newman, the newest recruit to Team Danny, has a brother in TV drama Waterloo Road and a father in 70s rock band Marmalade. However, Very can reveal that John James is probably one of the most experienced acts in the entire competition as the 33-year-old has been a support act to his dad’s band Marmalade since he was just 18. He’s even got a few solo albums out on iTunes. Could this be his opportunity to get spotted by a major label? Whatever happens, Danny will be a good mentor for him.

Next week – in the battle rounds – the  contestants will sing the same song as another act at the same time! This will help the judges each whittle down their teams from 10 singers  to 5 singers. It’ll be on BBC One on Saturday and Sunday night as there are lots of acts to get through. This means double the tears, double the drama and double the gossip. We’ll try and find out some exclusives for you!

Love Zoe x


17th April 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin