The Voice Episode 3: Exclusive Facts About New Finalists

The saying good things come in threes clearly applies to TV as well as real life as anyone who watched episode three of BBC One’s talent show The Voice will have witnessed this weekend. The standards are sky-high as the celebrity judges Will.I.Am, Jessie J, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue have their backs to the singers so the contestants have to rely on their vocal talents. However, some of this week’s successes are used to performing under pressure and projecting their voice in front of large crowds. Here’s an exclusive insider look at three of the most successful boys and three of the most inspiring girls from this week’s action-packed show.


Joelle, who looks spookily similar to a young Whitney Houston with her corkscrew curls, was over the moon as she was led off to join team Will.I.Am. We’re not surprised as we can reveal she has had not one, not two, but three experiences of fame before the Voice. The 21 year old singer auditioned for the X Factor in 2008 and got through to the bootcamp stage. After this, she collaborated with DJ Ironik on a single called Far Away and then joined Toni Braxton as a backing singer. It’s defiitely time for her to shine in her own right and we loved the bodycon dress that she wore on this weekend’s show, highlighting her lean figure. It reminds us of the Love Label Colourblock Bodycon dress at Very.


Rock chick Bo made it through to the 2008 finals of the Orange Unsigned Act, so she knows a bit about performing under pressure. As the daughter of the Earl of Cardigan, she is extremely well-connected and is often doing gigs around the top bars and clubs of West London near where she lives. She joins Team Danny.


Viewers saw that talented R& B singer Cassius Henry had already performed on Top Of The Pops and worked with R Kelly, but what was not revealed was that he had a record deal with Universal before the Voice and released three solo singles with Universal. The winner of The Voice automatically gets a record deal with Universal, which could be interesting. Jessie J, Cassius’s new mentor, is also signed by Universal.


When Kirsten Joy started singing Heaven, we all knew that the former Girls Aloud backing singer’s future would be as bright as her pink jeans. (And we did like those jeans). We have some exclusive information about Kirsten as we’ve heard it’s not just pop that the newest  team Jessie J recruit can sing – Kirsten is a member of a gospel choir that reached the finals of TV choir talent show Last Choir Standing.


With his checked shirt, skinny jeans and big hair, it’s easy to overlook Amy Winehouse’s friend Tyler James, but he is talented in his own right as he won a scholarship to the Sylvia Young stage school aged 11. He also does solo performances around the pubs of his local Camden, which is a tough audience to play to. How will working with Will.I.Am compare?


The 23-year-old singer, who wowed judges with Plan B’s She Said, will have to put off his wedding to take part in the TV show. But he has been working hard for the opportunity his whole life, previously in a successful Norwich band called The Tracks. Bill may look baby-faced but he knows what he’s doing and should fit right into Team Danny!

Now there are two weeks of auditions left and then The Voice will heat up even more with live final episodes. We’ll keep watching the contestants to bring you behind the scenes information that you won’t get from the TV show.

Love Zoe x

10th April 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin