Does my bum look big in this?

It’s a question we’ve all asked across the UK every weekend – one every women asks and every man dreads… ‘Does my bum look big in this?’

We took it upon ourselves to do some research at Very HQ that reveals that while 70% of women believe their chaps would give them an honest answer when they try on clothes in store and ask for their other halves’ opinion, the vast majority of men (64%) admit to saying ‘the right thing’ in order to avoid causing the inevitable row and to keep the peace.

So as a result, every British woman has an average of £104 of clothes they’ve bought  but never actually worn (that’s a LOT of clothes) all because of bad advice from their partner.  This comes to a massive  £2.34 billion worth of outfits left languishing in our wardrobes that will never see the light of day in a million years.

When we delved a bit deeper into the reasons why boyfriends and husbands don’t always ‘say it how they see it’ when appraising their partner’s prospective purchases, 68% claim they don’t simply because they fear causing an upset and storm-off. What’s more, over one in ten (11 %) are convinced the cold hard truth could go so far as to ruin the weekend, which is true enough really. However, it would seem honesty is the best policy as 82% of women say they’d rather know the truth before heading to the till – even if it does mean a weekend of huffs!

Reinforcing the stereotypical view that men aren’t all that keen on being dragged around the shops by their better halves on Saturday afternoons, a quarter of those polled admitted to having said an item ‘looks great’ on their woman purely to get out of the shop sooner – naughty!!

Across the regions, there are stark differences in terms of where women can expect to get the most truthful feedback. Blokes in Birmingham are the most likely to tell a cheeky fib when quizzed on the fit of a pair of skinny stretch denims, while on the flip side it’s the straight-talking Yorkshiremen of Leeds (46%) and Sheffield (44%) that can be relied upon to say exactly what they think.

Julie Donnelly, Our Head of Buying at Very, said: “The ‘does my bum look big in this’ question can be a tricky one for British men, particularly when it’s put to them just outside of a busy changing room in a department store.

“Shopping online, from portals such as, can be a much more productive process as men can give feedback in an environment they feel more comfortable and relaxed in – their own homes. Even if your man does tell you your bum looks big in a particularly garment we have a free returns process so you can easily swap it for something else!”

So there you go girls – those bloomin’ men eh! Next time go shopping with the girls, or save yourself the hassle and shop here instead.

23rd May 2012
Written by Very_Lauren