EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dita Von Teese Talks Britain’s Got Talent And Perfume

There aren’t many people who could carry off wearing not one but two glamorous maxi dresses in one day but Dita Von Teese managed it on a visit to London this week. By day she dazzled in an emerald green dress for an in-store appearance in London department store Liberty’s and by night she caused a commotion in a plunging gold dress for dinner in the celebrities’ new favourite hang-out, The Arts Club. Wow!

The stunning burlesque star oozes sophistication and feminine chic and has become an international beauty icon since she ditched her goth metal husband Marilyn Manson and put her own career first. She’s performed for A’list celebrities and politicians, her martini glass routine has been recreated in films like Charlie’s Angels and Richard Branson’s even painted her on the side of the Virgin planes. But is her life always high maintenance or can she relax in front of the TV like everyone else? At the launch of her fragrance in Liberty’s, we did ask if she’d been watching Britain’s Got Talent on her trip to London. It turns out she has as Dita exclusively revealed: “I love being entertained. Simon’s seen my show, I think he’s a great guy.” When pressed further she said she’d consider going on as a judge saying “I think it could be fun.” How fabulous!

Dita also talked about a woman’s scent and her female role models. Take notes from the interview below:

Zoe: Why did you decide to create your own fragrance?

DITA: “I wore the same perfume for about 20 years, when I actually had an interesting experience. I was walking down the street in Paris with my boyfriend, who I’d been dating for two weeks
when he asked me what perfume I wore. When I told him the name of the fragrance he kind of hesitated and revealed that this was also his mother’s perfume. I started hunting for other fragrances that could replace it and there were some which I really liked, but none of them felt like the real me and fit me. So, I decided to create my own scent and this was a dream come true.”

Zoe: Where did you draw your inspirations for your perfume from?

DITA: “I collect a lot of books with a lot of beautiful imagery. One I really love is of photographs of Paris of the 1930s and while creating the perfume I had these visuals in my mind of glamorous women in a Parisian nightclub. I just love the idea of this beautiful heady night time when it mingles with our body odeur and smoke and nightlife.”

Zoe: If you were to personify the perfume, what type of character would it be?

DITA: “I think a lot of perfumes on the market are reminders of childhood. Most of them have a girlish, sweet and very juvenile character. In contrast, I wanted something that speaks of wanting to be a grown-up, sophisticated woman who is in charge of her life. I just love the idea of something that is both: very good, sophisticated and elegant, but also a
little bit mysterious, dark and dangerous. Those two things together become something very special and magical. I often thought about the great women that I admire like Marlene Dietrich or Hedy Lemarr – those sexy, glamorous, iconic women, and I couldn’t imagine them ever smelling like vanilla, fruits or candy.”

Zoe: When it comes to modern and ancient idols, who are your favorite icons and why?

DITA: “Well, one of my favorite style and beauty icons is Marlene Dietrich, because she was very in tune with what her own personal style was. She was very powerful, in control of her image and very knowledgeable of everything she
was doing. A lot of my heroines in real life are sort of obscure women whose names a lot of people probably don’t know immediately, because they are not in the limelight or product of a Hollywood stylist.”

Dita’s top tip seems to be that it’s important to be confident in our own skin. We don’t need someone telling us what to wear – let’s just go out and express ourselves with our clothes. Let’s have fun with fashion rather than take it too seriously!

Love Zoe x

7th May 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Isabella 7 May 2012

Shes just so beautiful, love the look. Notice the matching lipstick and nails.

Isabella x