Exclusive Interview: Kimberley Walsh Ends Shrek With Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has now finished treading the boards and singing her heart out in Shrek and has handed the green Princess Fiona ogre mask to ex-Hollyoaks actress Carly Stenson. And this meant it was time for a party, at which Kimberley looked so amazing in a sequinned black dress that I almost didn’t recognise her at London’s Vanilla Club. It was only because she was surrounded by former bandmates Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts that the penny dropped.

Does the fact that her Girls Aloud crew showed up with their support mean anything?  Now Kimberley’s not doing musicals six times a week, the talented star has more time on her hands. Exciting! Here’s what she has to say about it and here’s what’s on her iPod playlist. I love finding out what celebs listen to when they’re not working!

QS: You love musicals, so what musical soundtracks do you have on your iPod?

KIMBERLEY: “Well, obviously Shrek the Musical is the latest addition. What other musicals have I got on there? Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, Hairspray’s on there. Ghost. I used to come down with friends to see the big shows in London if they didn’t come up north. I just love the music – it’s a completely different thing from the music I make with Girls Aloud. The only time it gets embarrassing is when I put my iPod on shuffle at a photo shoot and one of those big show tunes comes on and I have to explain it to the stylist.”

QS: Girls Aloud are coming up to their tenth anniversary. Are you planning a big celebration?

KIMBERLEY: “Yes, we are starting to talk about plans. We will definitely be doing something to mark it; we’re not sure what yet. A whole decade! It’s crazy looking back, like seeing your life flash before your eyes. You think: “How did this all happen?” It’s been such a busy ten years! It will be nice to get back together and share all our experiences, both as a band and the ones we’ve had on our own!”

QS: What’s your favourite Girls Aloud song?

KIMBERLEY: “I’ve got memories attached to different songs. Sound Of The Underground is really special because that’s where it all began and The Promise was massive for us.”

QS: Are there any perks of being in a girl band?

KIMBERLEY: “You sometimes get nice freebies. I’ve been getting beauty products because people know I wear green stage make-up every night. I’ve been sent a Shrek phone case and Shrek cup cakes. The fans bring me sweets and chocolate to the theatre to keep my energy up.”

It looks like there’s a good case we’ll see Girls Aloud back together by the end of the year then. Yay! The only one missing out is Nadine Coyle, who now lives in LA. Please come back girls, we miss you!

Love Zoe x

25th May 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

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