Interview: Lauren Goodger Talks Summer Style

The Only Way Is Essex Star Lauren Goodger is looking simply stunning right now! She’s losing weight, going lighter on the fake tan and finding clothes that really suit her. She’s even been seen wearing a dalmatian print top that will be available soon at Very. Good work!

I had the opportunity to meet the TOWIE star at a party in London so we dived in and asked her for some fashion tips.

Q1: What’s your top piece of advice for someone wanting to look more glamorous?

LAUREN: “Learn how to dress for your figure. If you ‘re curvy then love yourself and find clothes to suit you. Also,  wedges and high heels are great.”

Q2: What’s your favourite summer item?

LAUREN: “I love maxi skirts.”

Q3: What do you wear on the beach?

LAUREN: “I always take a kaftan.”

And there you have some simple ways to glam up this summer.  Thanks Lauren!

Love Zoe x

20th May 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin