My Far East Fashion Haul

I’ve had itchy feet since January and I don’t mean athlete’s foot (eeew!) so last month I took off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks with two girlfriends and loved it so much I stayed another two weeks taking in Cambodia and the amay-zing temples of Angkor Wat too. Here we are about to board the brown wooden boat behind us for a three day tour of Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam.

We did it totes budget and stayed in rickety huts for $10 a night and carried all our outfits in rucksacks instead of suitcases. I edited and re-edited my outfits for about a week before I went. The first time I lifted my new home it was sooo heavy I tweaked a muscle in my back. Owwch! So I had to re-edit and re-pack to lose some bag weight. Eventually I got it down to 13 kilos. I have NEVER travelled so light in my life. On reflection I wish I’d looked on Very website at the Antler Passport Trolley Back Pack before I’d gone. A rucksack and a trolley in one. No need to carry when you can roller! Genius.

Somehow I had enough clothes for a month. It was all down to the (Traveller) Capsule Wardrobe and the hotels laundry services. Four day outfits, three night outfits, three bikinis, two pairs of flip flops and five pairs of knickers (tho I should’ve taken more cos I always seemed to be hand washing ’em!). I tried not to shop too much but there were some things I couldn’t refuse. On past holidays I’d get shopping fever cos everything was sooo cheap and I’d end up buying all these hippy-ish clothes that looked great with a tan, barefoot on beaches. Then I’d get them home, they’d no longer seem ‘right’ and I wouldn’t wear any of them. A bit like that gorgeous holiday romance that I arranged to meet up with back in England on a cold grey day and he turned up with a faded tan and stonewashed jeans. OMG, big mistake. I should’ve left him on the holiday along with the shell ankle bracelets and tie dye trousers.

So, what did I get? Well, silk pyjamas are a big trend and have been done beautifully at Louis Vuitton (below left image) and Stella McCartney (below right image). I like the way Stella puts a same fabric jacket over the pyjama top.

Far Eastern prints and kimono styles tops like the South Kimono Jacket and South Printed Kimono Jacket are big trends too. I got them both in one in Vietnam – check out my new silk pyjamas in red (ahem, I got them in yellow too). Yes, they ARE a bit full-on in colour and pattern but I heart them. Very have a very sexy dotty pair Sorbet Short Sleeve Pyjamas that will look great as separates – the top with denim hotpants or  jeans and the bottoms with a white shirt, a long cardigan and skyscraper heels.


I got a lovely vintage looking blouse in Cambodia (on the left) that looks similar to the Awear Sheer Vintage Lace Blouse. Will be fab with jeans, shorts and bikinis.

I also got some bags and jewellery and cards and blankets which I’ll write about another time. I’m in France looking for somewhere to live. I’ve heard those French markets are great for vintage fashion and furniture. I’ll keep you posted. Au revoir for now!

Love Kirsty x

1st May 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Katie McNamara 1 May 2012

I struggle to pack for a week with the girls in Beni! Let alone a month long tour of the Far East! I am bookmarking this page as my packing bible! Thanks Kirsty x

Posted by: Editor_Danielle 1 May 2012

Kirsty, you crack me up I would have loved to have been there when you met the holiday romance back in England. Let me come next time! LOL XX