Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape

We all do it, walk into a sunglasses shop and pick up any pair that takes your fancy, try them on, then put them back down because they didn’t suit you. Sunglasses are a vital summer must have and it’s important to get the right ones, after-all they’re slap bang in the middle of your face!

Working out your face shape before you shop for a pair of sunglasses is vital. Not only will it make your shopping trip easier, the right shape can flatter and enhance whilst the wrong shape can do the total opposite.

How to determine your face shape

First of all take a good long look in the mirror and determine which shape it looks most like. If this proves difficult, take a photo of yourself, full faced and looking straight into the camera, print it out and trace around your face. Hopefully, you will have just drawn your face shape out. Maybe you don’t have a camera? Take an eyeliner and whilst looking into the mirror, trace your face shape on to the mirror. Just remember, choose an easy to remove eyeliner! I am not accountable for any black smears! teehee!

Now that you have your face shape, find out what you should be looking for when sunglasses shopping.

OVAL | The most balanced shape of all. An oval face appears longer than it is wide, with the forehead being slightly wider than the jaw. If you have an oval shaped face, lucky you! You can get away with most shapes and sizes.

Suggestions | Ray Ban Teardrop Aviator Sunglasses and Vivienne Westwood Rope Detail Sunglasses

ROUND | If like me, you have a circular face shape with full cheeks and a rounded chin then steer clear of round frames, an obvious tip but all it will do is add extra roundness to your face! Instead go for rectangular square frames. It will balance out your round face and create more dimension and angular shapes. Make sure the rectangular shape is equal or larger than the widest part of your face, normally the temple area. This will make your face appear smaller.

Suggestions | Fendi Logo Arm Sunglasses and Emporio Armani Cut Out Sunglasses

SQUARE | A square face has a very strong jaw line and a broad forehead. Regarding frames, look for oval shapes, it will create some balance to your face by minimising the strong jawlines.

Suggestions | Vivienne Westwood Heart Logo Sunglasses and Ray Ban Teardrop Sunglasses

TRIANGLE | A typical triangular face has a broad forehead – the width of the face tapering down to a narrow, rounded chin. Look for oval cat eye frames. These will help lift the face and draw attention away from your narrow chin.

Suggestions | Lauren Cats Eye Sunglasses and Lana Metal Arm Sunglasses

OBLONG | Oblong faces are long and narrow, with long straight cheek lines. Play down the length by choosing frames that cover the centre of your face, preferably round frames to create some shape and also break up the length. Stay clear of rectangular shapes, they will only enhance the length of your face.

Suggestions | Boss Orange Retro Frame Sunglasses and Emporio Armani Round Frame Sunglasses

Now that you’ve read this guide, you should know exactly what your looking for! Happy sunglasses hunting!

Suzi x

18th May 2012
Written by Very_Rachel