The Perfect Fake Tan

Winter coats and tights packed away, it’s that time of the year again were most of your body makes a reappearance. If your not lucky enough to get a natural tan, then follow my tips and fake it.

First of all, decide which type of tan you want to use. Tan’s now come in all different formulas, lotions, creams, mousse, spray’s and even wash off tans. I personally prefer lotions and mousse’s because they are easier to apply but if I am in a rush, I always reach for the wash off tan. Second, you need to decide which shade to go for. Remember, if your tan is too light you can always top up. Tan too dark? well, I wish I could help! My personal recommendations are:

Gradual tan: Johnsons Skin Gradual Tan

Wash off one night only tan: ModelCo Jetset One Night Tan Instant Bronze Mousse

Spray Tan: Fake Bake Faux Glow Instant Tan Aerosol

Mousse Tan: ModelCo JetSet Tan Mousse

The complete kit tan: Fake Bake 3 Piece Tanning Kit

Patch Test

I ALWAYS suggest doing a patch test on the inside of your elbow. Apply a small penny sized amount, this will determine whether you have any allergies to the tan also as a bonus, you can test out the colour and decided whether it’s right for you or not.


SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB is all I can say. Getting rid of any dry patches will make sure your skin is smooth and ready for application. Concentrate on elbows knees and feet were sky is more dry and tough.


Moisturise your whole body but do make sure you are completely dry before you apply your tan. Apply extra moisturiser to your elbow knees and feet prior to application. This will stop the tan from building up and clinging onto any dry skin on those areas. To protect your hairline and eyebrows, apply some vaseline to these areas.


First of all, I suggest you use something to apply your fake tan, like a mitt or if you don’t have one a good old clean sports socks will work wonders too. You don’t want to ruin your gorgeous tan with tell tale orange palms. The Tantastic instant tan applicator is your best friend. Remember to follow instructions very closely and make sure you are completely dry before putting on your clothing.

Keep on top of it

To help prolong your tan and to keep it looking smooth and fresh for days to come, I suggest investing in a great moisturiser.


Do not fake tan straight after a hot bath/shower. The steam would have opened your pores meaning it’s far too easy for the tan to slip in and sit in your pores, not a great look.

Do place a towel on the floor prior to any application, brown stained carpets are a no go!

Do tan at night. This way you can have a shower in the morning to wash off the embarrassing biscuit scent.

13th May 2012
Written by Very_Rachel

Posted by: Caroline Wagstaff 14 May 2012

In addition to your great tanning advice here, you may like to know that the BackBliss Lotion Applicator is a great complimentary product to help customers get all those great tanning creams and lotions to their backs. I am the inventor or this product and even appeared on Dragons’ Den with it and was a finalise in the British Female Inventor of the Year Competition.
Caroline Wagstaff