10 Quick Beauty Tips That Will Save You Time And Money

10 Quick Beauty Tips you will all thank me for.

1. Gorgeous dark hair over shadowed by a few grey hair strands? Take a brown mascara and run it over the strand to cover it up in an instant. Just make sure you use an inexpensive mascara like this Barry M lash Modelling Mascara.

2. Ran out of dry shampoo yet no time to wash your hair? Take your talcum powder, spread it evenly in the palms of your hands and run it it over your hair, voila, nice fresh hair, no on will know you faked it!

3. Ran out of hair grips? Use paper clips instead! Spray some hairspray over it to make sure it holds all day long.

4. When applying foundation, start from the centre of the face. Thats were most of our redness and blemishes are. you will be surprised at how much less product you need. Try the foundation everyone is talking about right now, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

5. Trying to perfect that cat eyeliner? Use the fool proof trick of applying cellotape from the corner of your eye upto the end of your eyebrow. Now there’s no room for mistakes, simply peel away once the eyeliner has dried.

6. No time to do your hair in the morning? French braid it at night and sleep on it. Let it loose just before you leave the house, flip your hair upside down and hello beachy effortless waves!

7. Get the most out of your beauty products by doubling up their purposes. Take your favourite lipstick and apply it to your cheeks, blend away. You’ve just used your lipstick as a cream blusher! Try Models Own Lipstick in Orangeade for a bright summer flush.

8. Stuck in a hair rut? Although a trip to the hairdressers may be an answer, have a quick fix by changing your parting. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it can make!

9. Don’t bother wasting money on eyebrow powders, you probably have an eyeshadow lurking around in the exact same shade! use that instead, there both the same! Something like the Benefit Matte Powder Eyeshadow Soft is perfect.

10. Need to leave the house yet your nails are still wet? oh haven’t we all been there. Run the tap setting it to ice cold and place your nails under it for 30 seconds. Your nails should now be dry!

Let me know if you end up trying some of these, I might just do another 10 more teehee!

Love Suzi x

29th June 2012
Written by Very_Rachel