Celeb Style Steal: Cheryl Cole Planning For New Tour

While I’m hoping a Girls Aloud reunion happens soon, it’s exciting to hear Cheryl Cole’s starting a new tour! Giving us something to look forward to after the summer (or lack of one) we can catch the ‘Promise This’ singer in cities around the UK from October. I’m definitely going – I saw her recently at the Capital Radio Summertime Ball and she was just fabulous! Also, her backing dancers were smoking hot.

Cheryl’s tunes are so catchy, I can guarantee every gig goer will be singing them on the journey home…and for the whole of the following week. She’s already preparing for these live shows and the release of her new album A Million Lights (out 18 June) by promoting it on all the London radio stations. And even when she’s dressed down for radio she looks wild.

If you like her top, there’s good news as I’ve found two fabulous animal print items at Very. If you want short sleeves, check out the South woven short sleeve elegant tee. A longer sleeve option is the fierce-looking South animal print back button blouse

As it’s so dramatic, keep the rest of the outfit simple with classic skinny jeans and pointy court shoes. I love the DKNY Jeans skyline skinny jeans, which stop at the ankle so you can show off your shoes. The Dune Arruba court shoes from Very definitely deserve to get noticed – they’re so pretty!

3 Words – Cheryl. Looks. Fabulous. And now it’s not that hard to copy her outfit. Maybe see you at her tour?

Love Zoex


13th June 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin