Exclusive Interview: Holly Willoughby Autumn/Winter Collection

On Wednesday night I trotted down to the glamourous Claridges to check out the new Holly Willoughby A/W Collection. The crowd was full of journalists and news reporters, all getting treated to an afternoon tea of champagne, tea, cakes and crumpets. Holly has been working with us for nearly 3 years and this time it was her 8th line, she was launching her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Dressed in her Mesh Top Bodycon Dress she was sexy enough to rival Marilyn Monroe! Holly described her dress as a sexy secretary feel, touching on playboy bunny elements but done is a classic and sophisticated way.

As models walked down adorned in gorgeous fabrics and designs, the room had an aurora of excitement. Holly talked us through each and every one of her designs, from concept to where you could wear it. Although the entire line was beyond fantastic, I did have a couple of favourites that I could die for.

One being the Spot Print Dress it’s girly, fun and flirty, any lady could pull this dress off. You can wear this right now during the warmer weather and also through winter, pairing it with a warm chunky jumper or a great leather biker jacket.


Second was the red Jersey Maxi Dress. This is so going into my basket, oops! When the model walked the dress swayed so beautifully, it looked classy, elegant and sexy all at the same time. The price is even better, £69?!! Surely this dress is worth at least £200! It was so good it could be mistaken for high end catwalk material. It’s perfect for any event!

Once the presentation catwalk was over, Holly sat down to answer a few Q&As. 

Whats your tip for instant glamour? 

High heels and a false eyelashes, I think that really helps. If your normally wearing something during the day, stick a pair of heels on and the way you carry yourself, you will feel much better. Quickly stick an eyelash on in the toilets too, it always works.

You always look so immaculate and beautiful, but do you have to work at it? Do you have many body hang ups? 

Well, this is interesting. It’s one of those topics that I find so incredibly dull and boring. We really do need to spend less time focusing on that which is why I don’t ever talk about it. Often I sit opposite people on the This Morning sofa who have all been affected by anorexia and illnesses that stem, sometimes from the media and the perfection of being perfect. I think the most important thing is to promote being healthy.

Do you have somebody in mind when your designing your items?

Not particularly but I always go through this with my mum. We always go shopping and she will say ‘I love this dress but it’s too short’. I really bare it in mind and most of my line is knee length because the chance are, I mean, I have bought clothes and made them shorter. I think it gives you that option so I really do bear that in mind when designing. I often ask my friends what item or garments they can’t live without, I ask them why and what is it and most of us say the same things. Its comfortable.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

I love this dress I have on and I love the Lace Print Pencil Dress. You might notice that I wear lace a lot but sometimes it can get too much, too sexy whereas if you print it on a fabric, it tones it down and changes it up.

Who do you think dresses stylishly? 

I think Fearne’s got an amazing style and Im not just saying that because she’s my friend but I really mean it. She puts together really crazy outfits and pulls it off. There are times I look at her choices and think ‘really’? yet when she puts them on she looks amazing! She has a natural flair for fashion.

Holly was then whisked of for her one to one Q&As with a long line of journalists.

You can shop Holly Willoughby’s collection right now! The range has sizes from 8-24 all at a purse friendly £29-£99 mark.

Love Suzi x

29th June 2012
Written by Very_Rachel