What’s on Kelis’s Playlist?

It’s more than 10 years since Her Milkshake Brought All The Guys To The Yard, but Kelis is proving she still knows how to rock out! The hip hop diva partied hard when she did a live PA at London club Boujis this week. And I was surprised to see a celebrity face enjoying the entertainment – X Factor winner Alexandra Burke! Might we see a collaboration between the Bounce diva and the Hallelujah singer? Watch this space…

I love discovering what musicians listen to in their down-time so I found out what tunes Kelis has on her iPod. Here’s her top three.

1) Sheryl Crow – If It Makes You Happy

2) Tina Turner  – Simply The Best

3) La Roux – In For The Kill

I also asked for her best fashion tip. She revealed: “ Go for whatever makes you feel good that day, or that week. I go through stages in fashion, like I go through stages in life. Don’t be too hard on yourself!”

By taking the pressure out of fashion, Kelis always looks like she’s having fun with the outfits she puts together. At Boujis, the way she paired denim shorts with patterned tights looked amazing! I looked for a way I could do something similar at Very and I think the Love Label vintage denim shorts would look fantastic with the attention grabbing Jonathan Aston Goddess Tights. I’d complete the look by covering up in a cute blazer like the Love Label Drape Pocket Blazer. Kelis is so cool!

What do you think? Let’s take some inspiration from Kelis and enjoy some experimentation with different looks this summer.

Love Zoex

17th June 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

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