New Season New Fragrance

I am not sure about you lovely readers but for me, each season comes with a new fragrance. I like to switch up my scents, it’s always nice to look back and remember a moment by just taking a quick whiff of the stuff. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time for a new one. The choice of fragrances are never ending and at times, it can be overwhelming. It’s important to find out what type of scent you like, which is quite easy to distinguish. Hopefully it will make your shopping trip much more easy. Gather up your perfumes and take a deep sniff, they should fall into one of these categories. FLORAL, SPICY, CITRUS/FRUITY, WOODY. I am definitely a floral girl, sweet, airy and light.


WOODY: Prada Tendre 80ml EDP Deluxe

FLORAL: Ghost Sweetheart 50ml EDT

SPICY: YSL Belle D’Opium 90ml EDP

FRUITY: DKNY Fresh Delicious 30ml EDP


Spray it on your wrists (but don’t rub them together, it will diffuse the scent), behind your ears, back of your legs and the back of your neck. These are pulse points, making your fragrance ooze!

Don’t drench yourself in perfume. Once applied, you can get used to it and it may seem like the scent has disappeared. It has not, it’s still there.

Fragrances can smell different on different people due to everyones body chemistry being different. Test it on yourself first before you go ahead and make the purchase.

Store fragrances away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can damage the properties and make it smell ‘off’.

hmmmm my new Ghost Sweetheart perfume smells divine! DIVINE I tell ya! Have a great weekend all!

Love Suzi x

3rd June 2012
Written by Very_Rachel