The Wedding Season – one dress three ways

It’s that time again when everyone seems to be getting married and we all know how expensive weddings are…for everyone. Once you’ve bought the gift, maybe paid for the hotel or splurged on taxis, got the kids new outfits, well, there’s not much left in the pot for you. So if you buy one dress this season and accessorise it differently each time it will have much more longevity. Go for something neutral coloured – forget that hot pink one shoulder dress (that I nearly chose) cos everyone will remember it from the moment they set eyes on you. You want a dress that’s beautiful but not so in your face – something that has lots of versatility. I suggest the Little Mistress 2-in-1 Floral Dress. I know I mentioned it in my last post on Prom Dresses but it’s so beautiful and wearable for all body shapes AND it covers upper arms. You really can’t go wrong.

For your first wedding wear it with a Club L Crop Tailored Blazer as the weather is still a little changeable and you don’t want to freeze your nips off! With the safe neutral colours of the dress and jacket you can have some fun with a BIG bag like the gorgeous Aubrey Falmer Large Handhold Tote. Now you need BIG shoes so go for the Carvela Grass Platform Wedges.

For something with a little more celeb style get the Disco Sparkle Slim Hard Frame Clutch and KG Esme Studded Platform Shoes – I would suffer for these killer shoes. OMG they are amay-zing! The Cairo Clubmaster Sunglasses are essential for coming out of church on a sunny day (and avoiding the paparazzi, naturally).

I love the contrast of black and cream and this is an outfit that you may already have bits of in your wardrobe (especially if money is getting tight). Choose  accessories with cream and black in them like the KG Caggie Snake Platform Shoes and Marla Margot Chain Underarm Bag. I’m not a fan of a fascinator but I adore the Disc Loop and Feather Headband. It’s tres chic when worn with long hair scraped back into a neat pony or chignon (that’s a bun to us northerners).

Keep jewellery simple (or not at all) and let your outfit be the talking point. Oh yeah, that and the bride’s of course.

Love Kirsty x



8th June 2012
Written by Very_Lauren