Wimbledon Tennis And Summer Style Tips From Eliza Doolittle

Summer’s not just about festivals – there’s also a lot of sport going on too. I’m so excited about the Olympics and we’ve also got the Wimbledon tennis. I’m getting breathless just thinking about it! Whether you’re watching it at home with friends or are lucky enough to have some tickets, you’re going to need something to wear. It’s hard looking fit and sophisticated at the same time!

Thankfully, I caught up with singer Eliza Doolittle, who’s been watching some of the Wimbledon tennis. Eliza’s debut album reached number three when it was released in 2010 and she’s now working on another one with Kylie’s team. Fabulous! So when there’s pressure to look good, what can a girl wear? These are Eliza’s top three tips:

(1) White Skirt

A white skirt looks great with a tan and if you haven’t got a tan then you’ll look healthier in white. It’s so appropriate for the tennis!

(2) Classic Vest Top

You can wear vests with anything and they never date. Also, you’ll stay cool if you end up getting hot and bothered backing the sport you’re supporting.

(3) Nike Trainers

A great pair of Nike trainers can be more of a style statement than heels.  You could get a coloured pair to contrast with your skirt

Eliza’s so down to earth. We can’t guarantee England will win or Andy Murray will get through to the finals of Wimbledon but at least we can all look amazing while we cheer our teams on!

Love Zoex

28th June 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin