Trend Alert: Prints on Prints

One of the biggest trends this summer is print, print, and more prints. It’s not a subtle print, nor a ditsy floral, it’s full on blown out of proportion in your face print. Take a styling tip from the leader of the pack, Jessie J. Her ability to wear prints fearlessly comes from her attitude. Print’s need to be worn with a whole load of confidence and a strong look to match.

There are different ways to tackle this style, leggings, skirts, jackets, trousers, the list goes on. Love Label have expertly designed some show stopping prints this season, all more wearable than you may think!

The easiest way to tap into the trend are the trousers. Printed trousers were seen everywhere during London Fashion Week and when fashion show attendee’s are wearing them, you know they’re gonna be hot. These Love Label Floral Printed Trousers are my favourite. To pair it down, team with simple casual tops with clean lines or to smarten it up, wear a great crisp and strong shirt, buttoned all the way to the top for the added cool factor.

Leggings are probably the most comfortable way to wear this trend, but beware, these things are stretchy and clingy, make sure you wear a top that’s long enough to cover your behind. This is the most flattering way to wear them. Go for these Love Label Floral Printed Leggings which are much more easier to wear than you may think.

Bomber style print jackets are hot right now and these two are my favourite, Love Label Printed Bomber Jacket and this Love Label Printed Bomber Jacket which has a pair of amazing trousers to match. Throw it on over anything for a clashing combo. Wear it with the zip fully open and rather slouchy to pull off the not trying too hard look.

Printed dress, probably everyones favourite way to wear it. It’s easy and foolproof. Pair this Love Label Floral Printed Dress with leather jackets, studded flats or skyscraper heels for a girly night out. I recently wore this Love Label Floral Bodycon Dress for our final makeover shoot, I loved it so much I brought it home with me!

Be brave, wear it with style, attitude and a tonne of confidence! ^_*

Love Suzi x


17th July 2012
Written by Very_Rachel