What do you pack in your suitcase?

Once seen as a cheap and tacky ‘Brits abroad’ type hol resort, the Benidorm stereotype has been previously sealed by the tongue-in-cheek ITV1 show starring Johnny Vegas – but we’ve done some research and all that could be about to change!

With the exception of the Cote D’Azur (and super-glam sun-kissed destinations such as St Tropez, Cannes and Nice), Benidorm tops the list of the ‘fashion suitcase spend’ resort league table – as young and fashionable Brit women heading there this summer are planning to take a staggering £664 worth of clothes, heels, swimwear and accessories with them!

Based on responses of 1,000 women aged between 18-35, our research revealed the average suitcase value for Europe-bound Brits to be £580. The value per resort is as follows:

1/. Cote D’Azur – £691

2/. Benidorm – £664

3/. Tenerife – £655

4/. Bodrum – £654

5/. Rhodes – £645

6/. Gran Canaria – £617

7/. Ibiza – £603

8/. Fuengerola – £602

9/. Alicante – £558

10/. Algarve – £542

And then there’s the matter of what’s actually being packed. The blueprint for the average Brit case contains four day dresses, three evening dresses, five daytime tops, four evening tops, three pairs of casual shoes, two pairs of heels and three pieces of swimwear!

In terms of where the most expensive suitcases are travelling from, it’s perhaps no surprise that jet-setters from the capital lead the way (£639), but when we delved a little deeper little deeper, we found out some pretty interesting facts!

While it might be famed for its boutiques, bars and yachts – and known as the Mediterranean playground for countless reality TV stars – Marbella has an average suitcase value of just £532, meaning it fails to even crack the top 10: and is only two places above the traditional British seaside resort of Blackpool (£507).  However, ‘Marbs’ does lead the way when it comes to a number of specific summer essentials: namely fake tan (16%  of young women heading there will take it with it them – more than any other resort), ‘beach bods’ and tablet technology.

Of all the pre-holiday diets, arguably the most trumpeted in 2012 has been ‘No carbs before Marbs’ – and it seems there’s more than a ring of truth to this. A third of women (32%) jetting out to the high-end location will purchase at least one clothes item ‘a dress size down’ as an incentive to get a ‘bikini bod’ for their holiday – compared to an average of 23% across all other resorts.

Finally, it seems Marbella-bound belles can forget about the latest must have sunglasses or ‘beach jewellery’… because the ultimate style accessory to be seen with there this summer is a tablet PC. Surprising to say the least, over a third of women (36 per cent) will be packing their mobile shopping and gossip gadgets to keep up to speed with Facebook, and an eye on celeb websites from their sun loungers.

Rounding off our findings, the research revealed a number of interesting insights as regards to the fashion behaviour of British women abroad. They will spend an average of 42 minutes getting ready to go out in the evening and one in ten women (11 per cent) admit to four or more outfit changes in the course of a single day.

Julie Donnelly, Head of Womenswear Very.co.uk said, “British women take great pride in what they wear and a summer holiday represents the perfect chance to showcase a hot summer wardrobe. Whether they’re heading to coast or the Med, it seems our girls are committed in packing to impress.”

So there you have it  – happy summer holiday shopping to you all (I for one won’t be doing without the occasional chip butty, but then I’m staying in the UK for my next hol so it’s rain all the way and my bikini won’t get a look-in!) x

18th July 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

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