Exclusive Interview: Kelly Brook At Keith Lemon Film Premiere

Keith Lemon: The Movie, based on the fictional life of the ITV2 Celebrity Juice presenter, looks set to be one of the most hilarious cinema releases of the summer. So who’s the female comedy lead? You may be surprised to discover that it’s former model turned TV presenter Kelly Brook. She’s drop dead gorgeous and looks amazing walking down a red carpet but not the first name that springs to mind for laugh out loud comedy. Yet she manages to handle it all very well and the insults Keith throws at her in the film did not seem to phase her for one second.

After seeing the film, most people will have a new level of respect for Ms Brook. Success suits her and she is glowing right now. At the premiere, I grabbed her to ask how we could all get her look:

Q: What are your favourite products in your make-up bag?

KELLY: “I’m into dark tinted lipglosses and it’s vital to have mascara.”

Q: What kind of nail varnish are you using right now?

KELLY: “I’m loving dark shades right now, purple colour varnish and wine shades.”

Q: What’s your top tip to getting luscious, healthy hair?

KELLY: “Don’t cut it. If you want to grow it the you can’t cut it. You can protect against split ends with an intensive moisturising treatment.”

Q: How do you look after your skin?

KELLY: “I’m obsessed with body scrubs. It’s so important to exfoliate all over!”

Q: And finally, why do you think we should all go to watch the film?

KELLY: “It will keep you on the edge of your seats and you will have a reaction to a lot of the scenes. I’ve done girl-on-girl in films, but that was tame in comparison to this – what Keith does to me in this film is far more offensive!”

Keith Lemon: The Movie is out in cinemas nationwide from 24 August. Enjoy and be prepared to blush!

Love Zoex

23rd August 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin