Exclusive Interview: Olympics Opener And Brit Award Winner Emeli Sande

It’s been an incredible year for the stunning Emeli Sande who won a Critics Choice Award at this year’s BRITs, sang at the Olympics opening ceremony and now gets invited to the world’s hottest parties. One of these has to be the Fashion For Relief gala dinner that Naomi Campbell hosted in London during the Olympics. All the fashion world’s big names were there – Naomi, Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood, Rimmel girl Georia May Jagger…and Emeli mingled amongst them.

The Next To Me singer has an image almost as unique as her vocals with her blonde Mohican and love of colour, which is a good thing as the multi-colour dress she wore helped her fit right in among the fashionistas. Nice work, Emeli!  I caught up with her at the fashion show to ask about her style and get some tips.

QS: How do you put together one of your trademark outfits?

EMELI: “Well, I used to wear wedges all the time, but then it became kind of an issue. I couldn’t run around, and I couldn’t get into the vibe of the song too much because I was worried about falling over. I started to get into more like flatter shoes with a bit of a platform, so that’s a big criterion. And something I can just feel free in. I don’t want to be thinking about: ‘Am I hanging out of this?'”

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QS: Are you happy with your hair or can we expect another unique style soon?

EMELI: “People often think of my hair when they think of me.so it works for now. I think I’m going to keep this up because it is just such a signature. But I’d love to experiment with a few different colors, you know? Maybe put a bit of green somewhere or something like that!”

QS: You have great smoky eye make-up – do you have any tips?

EMELI: “I have a really cool hair and make-up girl, she’s really good with the hairspray and making me look good for the stage. But if you have to do it yourself, I’ve learned its all about blending to create a look that’s quite strong without being over-the-top. Put your eyeshadow on slowly and smudge it in before adding liner.”

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QS: What music do you think we should all be listening to right now?

EMELI: “My music taste is so broad – I have everyone from Coldplay and the Spice Girls to 60s music on my iPod. I think everyone should experiment with their musical tastes and discover what they like themselves. That’s the whole point of music, it’s so personal.”

QS: And finally, do you have any good luck charms?

EMELI: “I have this ring that I always wear. I got it in Washington Heights one of the first times I came and wrote in New York, so it kind of has special meaning to me. It just reminds me of how I felt at that point. Just so excited to be in New York. Nobody knew who I was, but it was just such a kind of buzz that I got. Also, 11 is one of my favorite numbers, so when I feel like I need a bit more good luck, I’ll get it painted on my nails.”

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Trust me, we’ll be seeing even more of Emeli Sande before the year is out…and I can’t wait!

Love Zoex

13th August 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin