Exclusive Interview: Kylie Minogue Talks About Her New Film

She’s had decades of experience in treading a red carpet and it shows. All hail Queen Kylie! The petite pop singer was at a film premiere this time, but it wasn’t any old film, no way. Its’s called Holy Motors and she stars in it as well as contributing to the soundtrack. Something tells me, that has to make it a box office smash hit!

One good thing about Kylie is she always makes time to sign autographs for her fans. She was glammed up to the max in a sequin black maxi dress, but she spent time talking to people that had queued up for hours to catch a glimpse. I admire how she does it – her personality is as sparkly as her sequin dress. I also had an exclusive chat with her about the film, read on below:

Q: How would you describe Holy Motors?

KYLIE: “Some parts were just overwhelming beautiful and some were magical, some were intense and some were an acid trip. You can’t actually put the film into words, you just have to see it. It’s crazy but uplifting.”

Q: How does singing compare to acting?

KYLIE: “It’s very different. I’ve spent years doing the pop thing, which is putting things on and making a show. It’s shiny, and it’s meant to dazzle. And with this, I took the layers off and completely stripped back. I normally travel with my sister or my manager or if I’m on tour, there are 100 of us. But this time, I went on my own so it was a much smaller production.”

Q: Why did you go out on your own?

KYLIE: “I wanted to go back to how I was when I was a teenager when there were no people around me so I could be an open book for my director.”

Q: Will there be more acting now?

KYLIE: “Yes! I’d definitely love to do more acting. My heart cries out for it; it’s such a deep longing. For years I’ve been waiting to get back into it and it just hasn’t happened. Or, it has happened and it was so disastrous that I thought: ‘Oh, it’s just not for me.’ I’m getting my confidence back.”

What a great attitude! I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Love Zoex

21st September 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin