Exclusive Interview: Rita Ora Shares Fashion And Beauty Tips

She’s so Hot Right Now and it’s growing in intensity all the time. Rita Ora is on a roll and doing everything she can to get to number one with her debut album Ora. Girl power! When I met her she turned up to an album signing in London dressed in a PVC skirt and crop top emblazoned with a burning flame symbol. What a scorcher!

You can’t help but look at Rita when she enters a room, she has real star power. I asked her for some tips about how we could all dress to impress., so read on below. Plus I couldn’t help but ask about what music we should all be listening to next. This is what’s cool Right Now in the world of Rita.

QS: How would you define your personal style?

RITA: “My look is all me and there are no rules, ladies! I just like to dress how I want to and in whatever makes me feel comfortable – I also prefer trainers over heels.”

QS: What makes you feel comfortable, then?

RITA: “I love masculine cuts with suits and chunky jewellery. My hair is so glam it balances it out.”

QS: Do you have any style icons?

RITA: “Madonna for her bravery and always being so cool. Beyoncé for her hard work and professionalism, not to mention her amazing voice and talent. Gwen Stefani’s style and flow I just love. She is sooo cool to me! Sade for the way she’s so simple and can evoke emotion so easily. There are loads.”

QS: What are your hair and beauty essentials?

RITA: “If I was on a desert island I’d bring my red lipstick, curlers and iPod. If I could have red lipstick tattooed on me I would!”

QS: Finally, what’s Hot Right Now for you in terms of music?

RITA: “I love all types of music! Right now I’m listening to SBTRKT and loads of bashment, like Movado and Demarco and people like that. I can’t wait for Plan B’s new album as well. And loads of Drake and Nelly Furtado’s new album. So much exciting stuff everywhere!”

Apparently, it took Rita three years to make her album as she wanted to make sure she was ready. It looks like all the hard work paid off! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Love Zoex

1st September 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Rita Ora Shares Fashion And Beauty Tips - Rita Ora 1 September 2012

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