Strictly Come Dancing Special: Victoria Pendleton Interview

Olympic gold medal winning cyclist Victoria Pendleton is one busy girl about town. No sooner has she climbed out of the saddle after her Olympic victories, she’s signed up to Strictly Come Dancing and released an autobiography. Dressed to kill at a book signing in a black suit and a chic blouse, the 31 year old athlete signed her book for hours. I also got a bit of exclusive information about how she’s coping with the demands of dancing.

Q: How are you finding the Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals?

VICTORIA: ‘The shoes give me blisters everywhere, including on my heels. It’s a whole new range of foot related injuries to cycling.  It’s all good fun but hard in a different way.”

Q: What’s harder, cycling or dance?

VICTORIA: “With dancing you have to remembering steps and stuff, the choreography is a new skill for me and not that straightforward.”

Q: What celebrities are you most worried about competing against?

VICTORIA: “Louis has got a skill. Being a gymnast and remembering floor routines is something that’s quite familiar with him. To be honest my money would be on Louis. But Denise Van Outen is a good dancer and she’s appeared in Chicago in the West End and Broadway so she’s got a bit of experience. And also Kimberley (Walsh) from Girls Aloud and Westlife’s Nicky (Byrne) have both got the rhythm and moves. It could be any of them.”

Q: How do you rate your own chances of winning the show?

VICTORIA:  “There’s no pressure on me. It’s nice to do something where there’s not the pressure of expectation. I’m looking forward to having fun while trying my best and seeing where it takes me. ”

We’ll all see how she gets on when the show starts on BBC One on Saturday. I can’t wait!

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15th September 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Eisen 16 May 2014

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