X Factor Auditions: Groups And Talent To Watch

Those Spice Girls make entertaining X Factor viewing, don’t they? If Mel B wasn’t vocal enough as a guest judge, her former bandmate Geri Haliwell came screeching into Liverpool in a blue dress on top of a sports car with a megaphone to shake things up a bit. Who do you think is scarier, Mel B or Geri?

But it wasn’t just the judges who provided the drama, thank goodness. As well as the hilarious shock acts to keep things lively – like the lapdancer who gave Gary Barlow an eyeful – there were some really talented groups this week. Here’s who I think we should be watching out for:


Greg, Mickey and Dan gave themselves the name GMD3 after the first initial of each of their names and the fact that there are three of them in the band. While this may not be the most original name, they have put the effort into their voices. There was a standing ovation for their rendition of Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make You Love Me and Louis Walsh said they could be the next JLS. What a compliment!

Times Red

If they handed out Number One’s for looks this group would be a clear winner as the three Abercrombie and Fitch models are just stunning. However, they can sing too as they impressed the audience and the judges with Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. Straight through to bootcamp.

Melanie McCabe

Melanie was one of the female singers who stood out the most this week because of her sheer perseverance.  It’s the third time the Irish teenager has  auditioned for X Factor and last year, she came really close and got to the Judges Houses stage with Kelly Rowland in Miami. Now back for another chance she has dyed her hair from blonde to brunette and looked cute and girly in a multi-colour dress. She’s through to the next round and it could be third time lucky.

Christopher Maloney

Nervous Christopher Maloney stood out as being a rising star because of the emotion he put into his performance. He sang The Rose by Bette Middler, the same song from his grandfather’s funeral. He’s also a friend of our Blog Editor Danielle!

I cannot wait for the live shows when the stories really start to develop. Watch this space!

Love Zoex

10th September 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Zaggora Girl 12 September 2012

Love the X factor show! Great auditions, but will be voting for Chris Maloney all the way!