X Factor Auditions: Some Feisty Female Talent

Former Spice Girl Mel B and pop legend Anastacia took turn to be X Factor guest judges this week giving Glasgow and Manchester contestants a reality check. Both of these women are not to be messed with because if they don’t like you they’ll let you know but when they do, they’ll lead the audience to a standing ovation. One thing’s for sure  – these strong pop stars make great television.

Perhaps inspired by Mel B, this was very much a week of Girl Power. These are the top 3 contestants that I think stood out this week:

Nicola Marie Bloor

This was the first time a contestant has successfully sang and performed the splits. I was impressed she managed to do it in her knee high boots! Gary Barlow gave Nicola-Marie’s audition to Taylor Danes’ Tell It To My Heart a no, somewhat put off by the raunchy dance moves, but Louis and guest judge Mel B loved it. Something tells me Nicola-Marie could divide the nation and we all love a bit of controversy, don’t we?

Melanie Masson

The 44 year old mother of two normally goes by the name of Fairy Flutterby as her day job is to run a nursery for children. But there was nothing baby-like about her rendition of Cry Baby by Janis Joplin, which got a standing ovation from the judges. Louis said ‘we’ve had nobody like her, ever.’ She’s definitely in the running for a place in the final 10!

Jessica Beckett

The flame haired teenager was praised for her performance of Amazing by Bruno Mars. With a slight lisp, the 17 year old has a unique sound. And with her pink Dr Martens and leggings, she has a brilliant rock chick image too. The X Factor hasn’t had a female solo winner since Alexandra Burke in 2008 – could Jessica change that?

With the X Factor, you just never know! Do you think one of these could be a potential winner?

Love Zoex

3rd September 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin