Behind the Scenes at our new TV ad

Pssst…don’t cotton on that I told you, but…our brand spankin’ new TV ad is about to launch super soonies and you lot can get the inside scoop as to what it’s all about right here on the lovely Very Blog.

So – I’m not going to spoil all the fun by telling you exactly what happens in our ad, but, together with Holly and Fearne we’ve rustled up an ad that’s fun (we love fun) super swish and a whole lot fashionable.

The H.Q. is filled with super swish style advisors swotting up on the latest trends and must have items from  the digital drobes (that’s wardrobes to us!) to help our lovely customers (that’s you lot!) pick from peplums and PU dresses and peg leg trousers to find the style that works for them.

Holly & Fearne are on hand to sniff out the fash fans amongst you that are finding yourselves hit with a bit of a style dilemma, ready to send our Lycra clad lovelies in to teach you all we know about doing it in style, whether you’re meeting the in-laws for the first time, headed out on your first works do, wanting to look fab for a date night with the Mr or just wondering what the heck to wear for work this Friday.

Here’s a few sneak peeks of this years Very H.Q. were the fashion magic happens, with the help of gadgets, gizmos and roller blades (would you believe it!)

Check our a behind the scenes vid from Holly and Fearne and nab a speck in front of the telly this Sunday night around X-Factor time to view our TV ad in full *hint hint* but remember… you didn’t hear it from me!



5th October 2012
Written by Very_Lauren

Posted by: Candra 25 March 2015

Recently I lost my Aunt Rene and most folks have plenty of Aunts, she was my last. She riesad me in Scotland and it continued when we came to this country.She did have a good long ride, but guess I feel like I am still on the bike with her. At 60, I guess I should take the transition better.She was surely worth a couple of days of feeling empty and lost to a degree and the video reminds me that God will in time, pick me of the ground and point me in the correct direction.Maybe the video was his way of telling me that yes, it was a good ride, but your journey is not quite over.