Exclusive Interview: Alesha Dixon Launches Poppy Appeal 2012

Alesha Dixon has been sat behind a judging panel on Strictly Come Dancing and then Britain’s Got Talent fora long time but now she’s starting to get back to what she became famous for, which is performing. I say performing as Alesha does not just sing. Her gigs involve running round the stage with the energy of a marathon runner, backed by a crew of five gorgeous dancers and a big live band. Yes, as I attended her gig in Trafalgar Square to launch National Poppy Day 2012 I saw she definitely had a talent for entertaining!

One cool thing about Alesha was she doesn’t need to come out in a low cut top or a short skirt or dress to get attention. Her double denim outfit of jeans and a denim shirt was fashion forward showing she is a girl who sets trends rather than follows them. She has a mature, confident attitude to all areas of her life as I found out when I chatted to her. Here’s a mini Q&A:

Q: How would you describe your dress sense?

ALESHA: ‘I’m not trying to be sexy, I’m just trying to be comfortable. If a dress feels right then it’s right, you can always tell. If you feel uncomfortable then you look uncomfortable.”

Q: What would you wear for a night out?

ALESHA: ‘I used to think the more skin I showed the sexier I was, but now I can go out in jeans and a nice blazer and still feel good.”

Q: Does Simon Cowell give you a wardrobe budget for Britain’s Got Talent?

ALESHA: “I wish, I heard the X Factor team get some and we do get a small amount but I’ve had to invest a lot in myself.”

Q: What are you working on now?

ALESHA: “I have a TV show about street dancing, I am an ambassador for a domestic violence charity and I have been in the studio recently. The next album should be out at the start of next year.”

Q: And finally, how do you stay so positive?

ALESHA: “I had a lot of controversy surrounding me in the press but I’m really good at putting things into perspective. I try to look at it for what it is. I wouldn’t take it personally because I know I’m capable of doing it. In life you have to have confidence in your ability.”

What a positive role model, Alesha is. I’m looking forward to that next album!

Love Zoex

26th October 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin