Exclusive Interview: Tulisa Talks About Her Personal Style

X Factor judge Tulisa took a much needed break from the show’s rehearsal schedule to attend a fashion party in London and she took one of her girls, Ella Henderson. Does that mean the others – Jade Ellis and Lucy Spraggan – got extra rehearsal time? Or does it mean Tulisa is showing Ella extra attention? One thing’s for sure, Ella showed maturity way beyond her 16 years as she posed for the cameras like Tulisa. She’s learning well!  Tulisa also mingled with other showbiz pals like MTV presenter Laura Whitmore.

At the event, Tulisa exclusively opened up about her attitude to fashion and I found out what she thinks abut this series of the X Factor. Here’s a mini interview:

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

TULISA: ‘To me, fashion is about having fun and experimenting and wearing what makes you feel good. Girls often ask me where I get my clothes and I try to be fun, feminine, full of attitude and that reflects my personality.’

Q: Has being on the X Factor changed the way you dress?

TULISA: ‘In the past I wasn’t that interested in fashion, but being on The X Factor has made me become much more aware of own my personal style.’

Q: Do you think one of your girls will win this year and if so, who?

TULISA:’ I feel like I have a winner in my group. I have no idea who it is though. Last year I had an idea but it didn’t end up who I thought. This year it could be any of my three.’

Q: Is this year different to last year now you’re not the new judge?

TULISA: I feel more relaxed and more confident. Because I was a new judge I was being judged by the public so I wasn’t accepted. So I felt the crowd behind me and if the crowd started booing I didn’t like it. But this year, I forgot about the boos and said  I’ll say it how I feel it. That’s seemed to work.’

It seems like Tulisa is growing up and growing in confidence at the same time. Good on her! I’m looking forward to seeing what she wears on the live shows at the weekend.


20th October 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

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