Celeb Style Steal: Fashionable Winter Onesies

Now the colder weather is kicking in, sales of jumpsuits have gone through the roof and the celebs absolutely love them too. Cheryl Cole’s got one in animal print and X Factor golden girl Tulisa recently tweeted a pic of her and her PA Gareth in matching blue onesies. Actress Jennifer Ellison wears them to travel in comfort to the TV studios and presenter Dawn Porter wore one to her wedding reception when she tied the knot to Bridesmaids actor Chris O’Dowd. He also wore one but Dawn made it look more glamorous.

Onesies are so warm and cosy and actually feel like you are wearing a hug which is ideal for days you can’t face crawling out from under your duvet. However, just like the array of celebs that wear them, there’s a real mixture of colours and prints available. Here are some of my favourites

One Piece Lusekofte heavyweight onesie


This printed navy onesie is very similar to one worn by Jennifer Ellison to the ITV studios. With a snowflake style motif, it will have you full of the joys of the festive season.

OnePiece original heavyweight jersey onesie


Sometimes you want to keep things plain and simple. Dawn Porter wore hers in the final stages of her wedding reception when the buzz of her ceremony wore off and she just needed some comfort with no fuss. A plain onesie is the ultimate hangover aid.

Sorbet fairisle printed onesie


Tulisa’s onesie was a lovely shade of baby blue, which made it appear quite feminine. I love the Sorbet fairisle printed onesie, which is cute as well as cosy and great value for money.

Sorbet leopard printed onesie

If you want to make a style statement with your onesie then you need leopard print in your life. Cheryl Cole has a leopard print onesie and if it’s good enough for Cheryl it’s good enough for me!

Love Zoex

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6th November 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin

Posted by: Elizabeth 27 November 2012

I love these!! I would also love to be able to buy them. With the holidays coming around these would make wonderful gifts for the family. It is too bad that you don’t participate in international purchases. You should make that more clear on the Very shopping site. I had to look through your page of terms and conditions to find that you do not accept international purchases, after I had scoured your items and made a wonderfully detailed list for everyone already. You have a wonderful selection of some items that are quite difficult to find here. Not many trustworthy sites to shop with online..Guess I should have made sure before I got my hopes up. Will be keeping a hopeful eye on the site for the possibility of being able to shop with you guys in the future.

Posted by: maz 10 November 2012

Wow this would keep me VERY warm just what I need to write on me Xmas list.even better if I won one. X

Posted by: Charis Griffiths 7 November 2012

Love the lusekoft heavyweight onsie soo sooo pretty I have wanted one for month but just can’t justify buying one ATM hope they are still available after Christmas because money I get will be buying me this 😀 cxx