X Factor Live Show Wk 8: Abba And Motown

Rylan Clarke has finally been voted out of the X Factor after struggling with a chest infection. He will be missed! (Although maybe not by his enemy on the judging panel, Gary Barlow). But at least he went out on a high with a chessboard theme set for the Abba song.

This week, each act performed two songs, testing their voices and ability to remember the dance routines. The pressure behind the scenes was heating up. Here’s some exclusive backstage gossip about the remaining acts:

Christopher Maloney

Liverpool lad Christopher sang ABBA’s Fernando with a lot of semi-naked backing dancers, putting in one of his most energetic performances to date. For the Motown song, he picked Dancing On The Ceiling and sang it in his usual nightclub singer style. Chris and Gary Barlow have worked out a plan to stick to the slow songs as Gary said it’s worked for Chris in the past. I hope this tactic works…

James Arthur

James had a lot of energy this week to make sure he wasn’t in the bottom two like last week. He told everyone backstage that he was going to go to the stage and sing until he couldn’t sing any more and this is why the audience were moved by his rendition of ABBA’s SOS.  After the show, he was too exhausted to party and went straight back to the hotel – bless him!

Jahmene Douglas

This week Jahmene dedicated everything to his mum, who he took to the Empowering Women awards. Producers have let Jahmene’s mum watch the show from behind the scenes when the other parents sit in the audience. Therefore words have been said among the other contestants that he’s receiving special privileges. The tension is mounting…

Union J

The boyband was so devastated on Sunday night after being in the bottom two that they were in tears after the show. They’ve asked the show’s choreographer Brian Friedman to help with their dancing next week as the judges main criticism of the boys was they were getting boring on stage. They need to do more than just pout down the camera to win the show and really should have picked a more upbeat Jackson 5 song.

Who will you be voting for in the semi-finals next week? I can’t believe we’ve reached that stage of the show already!

Love Zoex

27th November 2012
Written by Zoe Griffin